One's Jewish birthday is, of course, the date upon which one was born according to the Jewish calendar (to find out when your Jewish birthday is click here).

Far from considering it incidental, Jewish tradition regards one's Jewish birthday to be brimming with meaning and relevance and, in some ways, even a mini-Rosh Hashanah!

The Talmud informs us that on our Jewish birthdays our mazel (good fortune) is dominant.1

The Jewish birthday is the perfect day for reflection about our lives as Jews and is an auspicious time to make new resolutions to perform good deeds and to deepen our commitment to Torah and the role it plays in our lives.

On one's Jewish birthday it is customary to get together with family and friends to celebrate Jewishly. At the celebration one should say a prayer of thanks to G‑d, give money to charity, and learn some Torah.