Numbers 15:39 "And that you seek not after your own heart and your own eyes"

Benny tried to do his best all month.

He studied at school, did his chores at home and listened to his parents.

Benny's mother noticed how hard her son was trying and decided that he deserved a present.

"You know, Benny," she said, "you have made me very proud of you. Tomorrow we'll go to the toy store and you can pick out anything you want!"

Benny was overjoyed, but the next day when they arrived at the store, he walked up and down the isles frowning.

"What's wrong, Benny?", his mother asked.

"There are so many toys I'd like to have and so much to choose from," Benny answered with a sigh. "I know we can't buy them all, but it's so hard to pick just one from all these toys!"

"You're right, Benny," his mother answered, "but I think I have a solution to your problem. We will set limits to which toy you can pick."

"First, you can't spend more than twelve dollars. Second, try to pick something you can share with other children. Third, choose a game that you won't get tired of quickly."

"Thanks, Mom!", exclaimed Benny. "You've given me some good ideas. I'll use those rules and it should be easier to pick just the toy I want."

Like those rows and rows of toys in the store, there are many things that we see and experience that attract us.

The world offers so many temptations that it may seem impossible to decide what is the right way to think, eat, dress, behave, and act.

The Torah and its Mitzvot set guidelines for us to follow, and show us the path we should choose. The Mitzvot point us in the right direction so that we may fulfill the will of HaShem.

This Negative Mitzvah cautions us to use the guidelines that are in the Torah and follow the Mitzvot so that we should not just accept anything that comes our way.

We must be extremely careful and attempt to always choose and act in a manner that befits a Torah life-style.