Deuteronomy 22:11 "You shall not wear a garment of Sha'atnez, of wool and linen together"

Shelly had an allergic rash on her skin that itched badly.

Shelly's mother took her to see the doctor and after the doctor examined her, he prescribed a cream to ease the itching.

As they were driving home, Shelly asked her mother: "Are you sure that the medicine works?" "Well," her mother replied, "I trust the doctor. After all, he should know what he's doing!"

Usually, we like to understand the reasons for doing things or how things work, but often, we are content to rely on professional knowledge.

Can you imagine demanding an explanation every time you receive a doctor's prescription?

Or a passenger demanding a complete lesson on how a plane flies, before he is prepared to get on the plane?

We rely on people who are experts in their chosen fields.

If we devoted the time and effort in order to learn about other areas that interest us, we would probably be able to understand many things that now seem mysterious to us.

However, until we do so, we must rely on others.

Therefore, a doctor knows the proper medicine to prescribe for a disease. However, he may not be able to tell you how to fix a computer because he is not an expert in computers.

Only HaShem, the Creator of the Universe, knows the reason for everything. He created and assigned to each particle in nature its own unique function.

We, were given the Torah and its Mitzvot in order to enable us to fulfill the will of HaShem. We rely on the Torah and that HaShem knows what is best for His creations.

We can understand the reasons for many Mitzvot.

However, there are other Mitzvot for which we have no explanations.

These Mitzvot are called "Chukim".

We must keep them, nonetheless, because the Torah tells us to do so.

One such "Chok", or "unexplained law" - is this Negative Mitzvah of "Sha'atnez."

We are not allowed to wear a garment that has wool and linen woven together in it.

There are special Sha'atnez laboratories that will check any garment for this forbidden mixture.

Often, the threads can be removed and then the garment may be worn. The people who work in these laboratories are highly-skilled in their job.

It is very important to check the manufacturer's label on clothing in order to find out what material it is made of.

If Sha'atnez is found, the laboratory may be able to remove the problematic material. In this way we are able to fulfill the Mitzvot that HaShem commanded us to keep, even though we do not understand the reasons for such Mitzvot.