Passover Videos for Kids

Out of Egypt
Video | 45:32
Out of Egypt
The animated story of Passover
Experience the miraculous exodus of the Jewish people out of the mighty Egyptian empire—in a unique, fun-filled (and educational) style!
Passover Mini-Series - Part 1
Part 1
Rabbi Kadoozy desperately tries to prepare for the Passover Seder despite his flooded synagogue while Jono searches for Passover inspiration.
Passover Mini-Series - Part 2
Part 2
Matters continue to get worse as Jono finds himself enslaved on a peach plantation and Rabbi kadoozy becomes depressed over his ruined seder. Hilarity ensues.
Passover Mini-Series - Part 3
Part 3
Rabbi Kadoozy and Gefilte fish infiltrate the peach plantation to rescue Jono from slavery while Larry Goldstein stalls the community Seder in this exciting finale to the Itche Kadoozy Passover Mini-Series.
Matzah Documentary
A Matzah Documentary by Jono
Take a video tour of an authentic matzah bakery in this hilarious documentary-style presentation, hosted by Jono.
What If We Never Left Egypt?
Eli and Ezzy wonder what life would be like if they were still slaves in Egypt.
The Talking Wine Bottle
Insights into Wine at Jewish Rituals
A fun exploration of the uses of wine at Jewish rituals including Shabbat, festivals, weddings and more. L’chaim!
How the Jews Left Egypt
History and Facts by Dina
Joey: Scientriffic Seder
Animated Comic Strip
For the school science fair, Joey invents a most awesome robot that helps him get ready for Passover!
Crisis in Egypt
Video | 4:21
Crisis in Egypt
Shemot Parshah Report
The Parshah report gets a new look, jono tries to enslave gefilte fish and Itche's lawyer shows up. Hilarity... whatever, you know what's coming
Baby Basket Gridlock on the Nile
Va’eira Parshah Report
Senior Weather/Catastrophe Correspondent Jono gives us a meteorological look at the ten plagues.
Blackout in Egypt
Video | 4:28
Blackout in Egypt
Bo Parshah Report
There’s nothing funny about somebody stepping on a rake. So try not to laugh during this week’s exciting webisode.
Rapping the Sea
Video | 3:00
Rapping the Sea
Beshalach Parshah Report
In honor of the miracles that G-d performed when taking the Jews out of Egypt, Jono and G-fish sing a song of praise, using the timeless Jewish folk tradition of Rap Music
Ten Plagues
See and hear the Ten Plagues and afflictions brought upon the Egyptians during the exodus from Egypt
Let's Bake Matzos
Video | 10:35
Let's Bake Matzos
The complete process of Shmurah Matzah baking, from the harvesting of the wheat and grinding the kernels to baking of the fresh matzah in the traditional wood burning stove.
Let's Make Wine
Video | 1:29
Let’s Make Wine
Learn about the process inolved in making wine for Passover and all year round.
Model Matzah Bakery
Video | 30:03
Model Matzah Bakery
Hands-On Demonstration
Children participate in a hands-on demonstration of the many steps entailed in making handmade matzah for the Passover Seder.
The Seder Plate Champion
Matzah, Maror and the 4 Cups talk about themselves, what they bring to the Passover seder, and their childhood experiences.
Make Your Own Afikoman Bag
Jewish Kids Crafts
Join Abbey and her friends in creating a personalized Passover craft that you can use at the Seder.
Favorite Pesach Things
Learning about Passover with Rabbi B
There are so many things to do on Passover and Rabbi B wants to know what you like best. The Matzah? Grape Juice? Four Questions? Come along with Rabbi B and lets see how many things we love about Pesach.