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Passover Stories for Kids

Stories from the children's classic The Storyteller: A Seder without Wine... A Strange Seder... Elijah’s Cup... On The Shore Of the Red Sea... Once Upon A Passover Night... Passover in Siberia... The Seder Plate...

The Story of Passover
The story of Passover has its beginning in the days of Abraham...
Boruch Learns About Pesach
A Shmuel Kunda Story
Joey: Scientriffic Seder
A Passover Adventure
Joey discovers an important lesson from the story of Passover
Joey: Mission Is Possible
A Passover Adventure
Joey discovers an important lesson from the story of Passover
A Seder Without Wine
A Seder without wine. How can it be, you ask? . . .
A Strange Seder
Only two nights before Passover, the call came to him to leave the security and peace of his home and go forth on a mission...
Audio: The Mysterious Golem of Prague
A Dramatic Passover Story
The story is told of when the Maharal of Prague invoked the mystical teachings of Kabbalah to create an awesome superhero to save the Jewish people. (Starring Leonard Nimoy: Star Trek's "Mr. Spock")
Elijah’s Cup
“You know, Chaim, there is something of value we still own. We still have Elijah’s silver wine cup. Don’t you think you should pawn it so that we can at least buy matzah, wine and potatoes?” . . .
From Oporto to Georgia
Only Big Jim, trying to maintain his defiance, stepped forward. He blurted, "The Jews poisoned one of their field hands to use his blood for their ritual celebration tonight!"
Surviving Passover in the Siberian Gulag
The head of the camp's "political division" asked me if I was still abstaining from working on Sabbaths and not eating the meals served from the camp kitchen. Then she asked, "What is matza?"
The Seder Plate
"Stop them! Stop them!" yelled the huge crowd, ready to overwhelm the soldiers by the sheer weight of their large numbers. But the Baal Shem Tov signaled them to allow the soldiers to pass through.
For the detailed story of the Exodus we turn to the Midrash. Read the fascinating "inside story" of Passover.
Jewish Story Time

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