What If We Never Left Egypt?
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Avraham Aventura January 10, 2018

I am 9 years old and I love these videos. Reply

i am 8 years old December 7, 2017

the same thing as CHAYA M Reply

avraham aventura January 10, 2018
in response to i am 8 years old :

My favorite video is when they say if they stay in Egypt. Reply

i am 8 years old January 15, 2018
in response to i am 8 years old :

love you Reply

meir samuels November 29, 2017

good video Reply

CHAYA M nedarlands October 23, 2017

wehn the 2 boys begin runing ,the black things at their feet vanish!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Fay Ann Sedore Wolcott,N.Y. January 30, 2018
in response to CHAYA M:

What If...? Egypt video-comment of ...black things at their feet vanish! Those are heavy metal balls chained to their ankles. They did it to men in prisons so they couldn't escape. Can't run away with 50-100 pounds of metal on your ankle. Reply

crabby99 Animal Jam September 24, 2017

How did Ezi get frogs out of the blue? Reply

i am 8 years old December 7, 2017
in response to crabby99:

because thats how the video wanted it to be Reply

Anonymous Mous March 31, 2017

What if we never had others fight Germany? Reply

addorable March 12, 2017

addorable addorable! Reply

Kylo Ren The First Order December 28, 2016

THINK ABOUT IT FOR A MINUTE Well, what IF we never left Egypt? Egypt has changed so much. What would it be like to be a modern-day slave? Let's hear some comments about this!! Reply

CHAYA M nedarlands October 23, 2017
in response to Kylo Ren:

THERE YOU GO!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) Reply

Jagger joseph Ny November 20, 2016

Happy to celebrate Passover It made me think how life will be like being a slave ! Reply

Anonymous 10952 October 23, 2016

Cute Cute Reply

Anonymous brooklyn via chabadrego.org October 13, 2016

Comment cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous vernon b.c canada April 2, 2016

What if we never left Egypt? This is so funny! And it is very fun to watch daily. Reply

Anonymous Toronto August 24, 2015

soooooooooo nice and cool and funny . Reply

Elishuva Surprise,Arizona June 17, 2015

Maybe not too loud of banjo music This is a cute short video, funny how things change "IF" videos are helpful and fun to watch and learn from .Thank you Reply

Chana & Moishy Goldstein Monsey New York via chedermonsey.org March 31, 2015

This is so cute! It teaches kids about how bad slavery is!!!!!! Reply

Mirssa March 29, 2015

Goon Good movie

Chabad.org one boy was ugly Reply

Anonymous February 2, 2015

it wouldn't be nice if we still were in egypt Reply

dutty dutty gal manhattan November 15, 2014

I HATE IT!!!!!!! I hate this.. its so nasty and the boy with the brown hair is ugly.... -_- and annoying Reply

Fay Ann Sedore Wolcott,N.Y. January 30, 2018
in response to dutty dutty gal:

Hate is a powerful, sad, word. I believe he, Ezi, is just being practical, thinks things through, while the other boy, Eli, is a dreamer, thinking of fun stuff.
Eli wants a fun pet camel while Ezi reminds him that there was slavery, and whips, and bad men. Reply

Dana Samara IN sellersburg November 8, 2014

nice Reply

Michelle March 29, 2014

It is ssoooooooooo funnnnnyyyy! Reply

shua meyer melbourne January 7, 2014

this is cute


Mr. Allan Zeidman LA, California November 5, 2013

Cool video. Everything's cute, but I kinda wish Eli and Ezi wouldn't talk about Avodazara. It's not right. But, besides for that, it's a pretty cute video. Reply

Anonymous Nope October 31, 2013

Cute video! This is really cool, these videos are so helpful for my religious class at school :) Reply

Anonymous kendal March 28, 2013

cool I love all the videos, we use them at school. Reply

noam field March 24, 2013

Re if you don't do the 10 mackot then we will still be is Egypt then we will still be slavedxs Reply

Someone Someplace October 16, 2017
in response to noam field :

Plus we only got the Torah after we left Egypt, so that would never have happened. I don't know why they didn't include that. Reply

Anonymous Boston via old.chabad.org March 20, 2013

Awesome movie It's a really good movie but try making it a bit longer next time Reply

zalman morozow Melborne March 13, 2013

It's great but a bit to short Reply

Rochel Fine Irvine CA March 5, 2013

Wow OMG that movie is so good. Reply

peter VietNam December 2, 2012

I like it I realy like it for my children Reply

Jewliet Canada December 1, 2012

Chabad.org Fan I really love these videos! They are fun and educational! Reply

Ellen Haber National City, CA April 5, 2012

Jewish Holidays Thank you. A wonderful video. I have an 8 year old. Delightful.. Reply

Anonymous ny, ny lancaster April 3, 2012

im happy to be free Reply

Amanda Carlow, Ireland April 3, 2012

Excellent! This was super cute! Thank you for making these kinds of videos and games, my kids LOVE them! Reply

Anonymous new jersey, usa August 26, 2011

more can you please make more games and videos i want new ones
ps please make the games posible to finish thanks Reply

Anonymous July 31, 2011

I'm looking for Bible DVDs and this site looks promising. Reply

Ruth Bekoff phila, pa July 4, 2011

Terrific Site!! I have been searching for a Religious/Jewish internet site with interactive games, videos, etc. I am so happy to have found this site. I have five year old twins and they love it. Thank you to Chabad and the creators of this site. Please continue your great work, especially for our children. We need everything we can develop to eduacate and to keep our children on the path of Torah observance. A grateful mom. Reply

chloe sweeting leeds, england June 20, 2011

its good x this is a verry good website and helped us with our persntation and helped us get good grades try it out !! :) xxxx Reply

joe london, turd June 15, 2011

joe that was the worst show ive ever seen Reply

Anonymous Narberth, PA April 19, 2011

Music on the video Cute video but what's up with the banjo hillybilly music- it doesn't seem to fit with the video Reply

GRANDMOM & POP POP Delray Beach, FL April 14, 2011

Dear Ben & Cami,

Hope you enjoy this video. Hope you have a great Passover and know we wish we were with you & your family to celebrate. Reply

Lucy San Diego, CA April 14, 2011

Leaving Egypt Wouldn't the real reason for leaving Egypt be so that we could be free to worship our G--D? Reply

Rev Louise Joure , Netherlands April 14, 2011

cool! I like being free Reply

nathan jamaica March 12, 2011

lol dude funny Reply

Anonymous Tel Avive, Isreal via kids.tzivoshashem.org February 14, 2011

lol lol soooo cute and funny Reply

devorah miami, FL via kids.tzivoshashem.org December 5, 2010

that is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous via chabadyouth.org August 29, 2010

the vidio is so cute Reply

shlomo via kids.tzivoshashem.org August 15, 2010

go slave Reply

Anonymous NY August 14, 2010

the cutest thing eva!!! i luv this video!! Reply

chayim toronto, canada via chabadalberta.org June 29, 2010


eli aventura, fl via kids.tzivoshashem.org June 15, 2010

o ya go camel Reply

Anonymous Pittsburgh, PA April 25, 2010

cool i can't stop playing it! Reply

Tziporah West Orange , NJ via kids.tzivoshashem.org March 23, 2010

great I love all of the episodes!Will there be a new one for Pesach? Reply

uy chicago, usa March 21, 2010

will there be a new one for this passover Reply

Anonymous Albany, NY March 17, 2010

video: What If We Never Left Egypt? This showed how life deffinately wasn't during this time. They said that they woke up in the morning in coffins and then went out and played.... In my opinion they wouldn't have gone out to play or even have their own houses. This would be because they would still be slaves there if they have never left and, if by chance they did still live in Egypt life would be very very very very very challenging and probably not a lot of fun for anyone. Thats just my opinion on the video "What If We Never Left Egypt". Reply

Miriam Yanovsky Sharon, MA March 16, 2010

Nice This is really cute! Reply

Reuven Me'ir Oklahoma city, oklahoma March 7, 2010

very nice A good way to get kids engaged about asking questions. Reply

Anonymous ny, usa September 14, 2009

whats up camel how did the camel tell the egyption? but other wise it was cute Reply

Rivky N. far rockaway, ny July 29, 2009

i never EVER wondered about never leaving egypt- it makes me wonder.... Reply

Anonymous via kids.tzivoshashem.org June 14, 2009

cute!!!! little pyramids houses is just sooooo cute!!!!
pet camales are even cuter!!!!
i would love it
(only some things) Reply

hadassah chicogo, USA May 22, 2009

if we never left egypt if we never left Egypt we Cud not be free like we are now. Reply

Anonymous Joburg, SA April 21, 2009

Fantastic Fantastic. It is entertaining for the kids and educational at the same time. Keep up the good work. Reply

Anonymous via kids.tzivoshashem.org April 17, 2009

What if we never left Egypt Very cute! Please do these kind of stuff for other holidays. Reply

dr. middos brooklyn, ny via chabadillinois.com April 17, 2009

good video that is a very good video i wish that there would be one every week. but i miss the itche kaduzy videos Reply

Ephraim beit semesh, Isra April 17, 2009

cool cool video Reply

Anonymous Bryan, Tx via jewishaggies.com April 15, 2009

if we hadn't left egypt If we hadn't left Egypt we wouldn't exist as a people, there would have been no matan Torah, and besides, everyone who refused to leave Egypt was destroyed in the plague of darkness. Scary thoughts. Reply

Anonymous April 14, 2009

re: wouldn't we still eat matzah? the patriarchs eat matzah because we left Egypt many years later if there was no exodus it says that we would never leave Egypt hence the patriarchs would not of eaten matzah! Reply

Anonymous April 12, 2009

Wouldn't we still eat Matza??? The Patriarchs ate Matza.. Reply

Anonymous Canada April 12, 2009

What if? Loved it! Reply

Anonymous manc., uk April 12, 2009

cool i liked this very much. a fresh perspective bringing home how to feel gratitude to God. thank u Reply

Ilana Gross Tel Aviv, Israel via skokiechabad.org April 11, 2009

What If? We Never Left Egypt!!! Reply

yisrollik m.b, fl April 8, 2009

what if this is funny because they said they will go on flying carppets. Reply

chaya albany, ny via kids.tzivoshashem.org April 8, 2009

funny this is kind of weird and funny because why would you throw frogs? and how in the world would they have frogs? Reply

carl columbus, oh April 8, 2009

thank you im a 38 year old man and was looking for passover info for kids i thought it was great info for them but not over done Reply

Robin Zucker Needham, MA via campgan.org April 6, 2009

Put it up on You Tube!! This is a terrific insightful video that kids and adults will enjoy. GET IT OUT THERE! Put it up on You Tube. Don't let it get Passed over. Reply

Velvel ben Velvel Zweifler South Orange, NJ via fcnj.com April 6, 2009

natural add-on subject What if we had never left Rommania - Russia - Hungary - Germany --- Babylonia - we would still be slaves of those who sought to annilhilate us - Thank g d for the first and many subsequent passovers!! Next year may it be that there will be no need for any future passover. Reply

Morah Tovah April 6, 2009

great video!! will show it to my Hebrew school class today!! Reply

Paula Baruch Ancaster, Ontario/Canada April 5, 2009

yashar koach Well done! A great short video to help all of us think about WHY! Reply

Elizabeth Los Angeles, California April 5, 2009

good video this is so good video and easy to teach to my grand kids...god bless you Reply

Anonymous Teaneck, NJ April 5, 2009

Frog throw lol..."let's throw frogs at them!" Love that little bit of comedy. Made the kid in this 30 something person smile. Reply

Anonymous n.y, usa April 5, 2009

what if we never left egypt it is hard to think of my self a slave in egypt Reply

Anonymous April 5, 2009

soooooooooo cute this is sooooooooooooo adorable. i love it i could watch it time and again. Reply

garek vite guadalajara, jalisco April 5, 2009

EducaFunny I like to see it time and time again. It enchants to me. I like because educate not always is boring. And for all the Jewish children it is important to know the meaning of the freedom in this time of Pesaj. Reply

Rachel Passaic, NJ April 5, 2009

what if we never left Egypt? This show is the cutest and I mean THE cutest! Reply

Mrs. Rene O'Riordan Dublin 16, Ireland April 5, 2009

What if we never left Egypt Yes I agree with "good start" this teaching method is really effective and therefore should be used to give really accurate information to kids (and adults). The history of the Jewish nation is so fantastic that there is no need to make things up about it. Tell it like it is to kids, that equips them to give an educated answer in todays "unbelieving" world. - Blessings - Rene Reply

Anonymous April 4, 2009

Good Start I liked it , however I would have liked to see the information that is comimg over to the kids to be more accurate. No flying carpets but the miracles that actualy occured. Also the frogs I think dont work as if it was something the kids could throw. The running from egypt didnt go well with me as I see it as leaving with an outstretched arm and dignity. The cartoons, voices etc. are good so I guess more of a content issue. Reply

Anonymous April 3, 2009

very very very very very CUTE Reply

Yossi Sydney, Australia April 3, 2009

Wow, this is so cool I just sat down with my kids and watched this. Amazing how much they were glued to it. Are you going to release another one? Please let me know when you do..... Reply

Yaacov Sydney, Australia April 3, 2009

Educational and funky My kidsand I loved it
High time Chabad hit high tech educational techniques
More please Reply

Paz Melbourne, Australia April 3, 2009

Freeing the shakles This animation was unique and inspiring it brought the message home for all ages with a comedic touch. The characters were charismatic and lively. My favourite bit was the frogs being thrown at the Egyptions. Well done amigos! Great music as well.
Thanks for being great storytellers! Reply

Anonymous April 3, 2009

enriching interactive engagement I'm impressed to see this deeper form of interactive engagement for children. There is a melding of sincerity and quietness this highly creative web space that allows real learning to occur. I look forward to further developments. Reply

janet washington, ME.USA April 2, 2009

mmm, sorry... well, the concept is a good one, but the clip minimizes what it would actually have meant. More time was spent on pondering what if we never left, which almost sounded like fun, nothing about struggle, dealth and disregard and cruelty, really. And a brief, meaningless escape (leaving the pet camel behind because of smell?) missing a good opportunity here. i say do it differently. Reply

Ari Edson thornhill, ON. April 2, 2009

This was so cool! Ezzy has a kicking outfit! Reply

chuna brooklyn April 2, 2009

boring? I didn't think this was boring. Neither did my 2 year old. He loves the froggy part. Reply

Anonymous April 2, 2009

Quirky cool keeps my attention Keep up the good work - I love your quirky style it educates and at the same time makes me feel like life is too important to be taken seriously!!! Reply

Ari April 2, 2009

Entertaining & Educative Awesome Pesach short animation!
Can't wait to see future shorts for the festivals to follow... Reply

Anonymous ny, ny/brooklyn April 2, 2009

mice it was nice, but pretty boring. do something more exciting! put a cool dude in it. (like me) Reply

Dave Birk Jerusalem, Israel April 2, 2009

Impressive... Very cute content. The message of Egypt is very powerful and relevant to all ages... Well communicated! Reply

Sheine Mankovsky Toronto, Ontario April 2, 2009

Lovely Inspiring, educational and adorable. Great creative and intellectual work!!!! Reply

chana Israel April 2, 2009

sweet Nice job, good content and pleasant animation.I'd have enjoyed some graphic plague stuff!
However the kids never smile and look awfully plastic.
does that bother kids or just me?! Reply

Anonymous brklyn, NY April 1, 2009

Finally 3d come to our world wow, awesome jobs animators.

ive been waiting for jewish cgi for so long and finally its here.
it must have taken you a long time to do this piece and i definitely appreciate, it was GREAT!

please make more

ps.what did you use Reply

Anonymous April 1, 2009

Jewish alternative Finally there's an alternative to Dora the Explorer with good jewish content! The kids loved it. Would be great if there were more - and longer too! Thanks. Reply

Anonymous Sydney, Aus April 1, 2009

3d TorahToonz - Infinite potential The other day I had guests, with 3 little children, for a BBQ.

After a few hours of searching for ways to entertain the kids I began to tair my hair out. I could not satisfy the childrens' thirst for constant entertainment. Books, toys, colouring pens and paper were all out on the living room floor, some of which now a lot more worse for wear than before the guests had arrived.

Then I rememberd there was a new kids feature on Chabad.org which I had noticed earlier that day whilst logging on to view the daily lessons.

I played “What if?” for the children, and it was a hit. They sat attentively and lapped it all up. Afterwards they wanted to watch more. And when we had no more viewing, they decided they wanted to read Pesach books, and to eat Matza.

This tool has so much potential to reach our childrens minds. The digital medium meets the needs of our 21st Centruy children. Gone are the simple 2D Cartoons, and here are the 3D Torahtoonz...

Cant wait for more... Reply

Anonymous April 1, 2009

Please don't forget to put in G-d too!
You can't leave Egypt on your own! Reply

Anonymous chicago, IL March 31, 2009

Slavery a person in slavery would feel tied up and not able to accomplish there own goals which are to serve the master above. Someone would have to go through hard and difficult emotional struggles. In the end, he has to let G-d know that he believes that G-d is there for him and will untie him. In a real way, that's what Passover is about. Each of us is a slave in our own way but Passover shows us that we were once a slave and were redeemed so we can know that each of us can be freed every year over and over again. The video was outstanding and really showed the story of Passover. Reply

Anonymous ny, ny March 31, 2009

RE: Fantastic Video yeah. Reply

Steve Melbourne, VIC, Australia March 31, 2009

well-crafted peace Reply

Rachel Johannesburg, South Africa March 31, 2009

Fantastic Video This is fanstastic. A job well done!

Chag Sameach Reply

Anonymous March 31, 2009

Awesome Animation Aussie Boy Well Done Yitz! I love your work. We miss you here in Melbourne! Keep it up! Reply

anna melbourne, victoria via chabadyouth.org March 31, 2009

hahahahahahhahahhahahahha it is so cute i love the parts when they throw frogs at them Reply

M leeds, england via kids.tzivoshashem.org March 30, 2009

Thats soooo cute!! thats a really cute video!!
any more coming? Reply

!guy NYC, USA March 30, 2009

cute Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Menachem Kovacs Baltimore March 30, 2009

comment it's very well done
Thank you
Pls slow down the characters voices or have them articulate better so they can be more easily understood.
Thank you. Reply

moshiachnow! FL March 30, 2009

awesome!!!! SOO CUTE! I LOVED IT! keep on the good work! Reply

Anonymous Israel March 30, 2009

you guys just get it...we must reach every Jew and help them discover the beauty of being Jewish.........I hope this reaches many and encourages them to dig deeper into their Jewish roots. Reply

Gilad London, UK March 30, 2009

Such Skill! Well done guys!
I really admire all the hard work, creative thinking and LONG hours that go into producing a work of art such as this...
Maybe you could do something like this for all the holidays?! Reply

Liba Toronto, Canada March 30, 2009

I like this This is great. I'm so glad to see something new and fresh. Even my two year old enjoyed it. We like it; hope to see more of the same good work.

Chag Semeach Reply

Ari Johannesburg, South Africa March 30, 2009

Great video! Keep it up! Reply

Cecil Levi , Sydney onloan to Perth,Australia Perth, Australia March 30, 2009

'' thank you , mazal tov tov .............more please ......... for kidz of all ages Reply

Baruhchay Perth March 30, 2009

Great production True thoughts, deep mining, Great work. Reply

Shalom Australia March 30, 2009

wow great I showed this to a group of kids and they really liked it. Reply

Anonymous March 29, 2009

wow! The graphics are amazing! Way to go! Reply

Anonymous b , n y March 29, 2009

nice for the kids Reply

great and funny guy NY, USA March 29, 2009

So great,So funny This video is so great AND so funny!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Asa'el Stein March 29, 2009

Truly amazing, a great video Reply

Mark Sydney, Australia March 29, 2009

fantastic My kids loved it! Educational and captivating! We would love to see more like this! Reply

Sruli Broocker March 29, 2009

Mazel tov, guys. Alright, the boys finally made it to chabad.org! Success with everything. Reply

Steve K. Palm Bay, FL March 29, 2009

Chabad.org does it again! Beautiful. Love it! Reply

Anonymous Bklyn, NY March 28, 2009

THANKS wow, this is teaching the children to be creative thinkers.
thanks! Reply

yirmi melbourne, vic March 28, 2009

FINALLY! Finally, you have proven that genuine substance and quality presentation don't have to come at the expense of one another, possible a first for an Orthodox production! Please show us more of what's up your funky sleeves! Reply

Rabbi T Miami, Fl March 27, 2009

Awesome Our Third grade absolutely loved it.
Excellent graphics!

Thank you Reply

sherry dallas, ga March 27, 2009

blessing thank you for this simplified story of passover Reply

Ruth Perth, W.A. March 27, 2009

Really enjoyed it - would appeal to the young - like reading a story book but in animation. Please do some more! Reply

Wendy 27.03.09 Perth, W.A. March 27, 2009

what if site very clever and well done .... please make lots more sites soon! Reply

Dr J perth , WA March 27, 2009

U have done it again Chabad-GR8 very educational, fun ,engrossing .
Gr8 animation . Keep it up chabad-the grandkids love it
I only got to level 3 in play a game - can't wait to try again ( and sing along ) Reply

Bradley ROss March 27, 2009

Fantastic skit! very entertaining. Kol HaKavod! Reply

Esther Brooklyn, NY March 26, 2009

great so beautifully done! I really like the artwork. Reply

Gershon March 26, 2009

That is totally wild and I think that you guys should make more of these things. I could not catch the line after the hieroglyphics showed up on the screen. Reply