I am Achashverosh, the great and mighty king,
I work magic with my royal signet ring,
The Emperor of Persia, (now called Iran),
With wine flowing freely where now's Abadan.
Some think me silly, call me a fool
Because I let Haman make me his tool.
But what's so silly about killing a wife,
To show who is boss in case of strife?
I ordered a contest and picked Esther my queen,
And worried no longer about her making a scene.

Indeed, my friends, a fool was I
When I listened to Haman so cunning and sly.
To sell all Jews to be put to the sword,
(To forego that money, I couldn't afford.)
But that night I was sorry, I was ready to weep,
I took many pills, but couldn't fall asleep.
I decided to honor my faithful Mordechai,
But in came Haman, I knew not why.
He fell for the trap, hook, line and swindler,
Then I knew he was a first-rate stinker
So Haman I hanged by his wicked neck,
For all birds of Shushan his flesh to peck.
And Mordechai I made my grand Vizier,
And the sun shone in Shushan so bright and clear.
So you see, my friends, I ain't so bad,
Even though at times I got a little mad.