I am Queen Esther, beloved by all,
Mordechai's cousin, of the House of King Saul.
We lived in Shushan and children we taught
To love the Torah, fear no one and naught.
When one day they took me to the palace royal,
To G‑d and my people I remained always loyal.
Of the sumptuous feasts I never did eat,
My diet was seeds, my figure kept neat.
When Haman did plot my people to slay,
I risked my life his bloody hand to stay.
For all our people I ordered a fast,
The Fast of Esther three days to last.
We gathered the children back to the schools,
And prayed to G‑d, till our tears made pools.
Our prayers were answered and we lived to tell
The story of Purim, you all know so well,
With Shallach Monos and gifts, and last but not least
To celebrate Purim - with a jolly good feast.