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Ascent Lights

Contemporary illuminations from Ascent-of-Safed's director, Rabbi Shaul Leiter, staff & guest teachers

The Purifying Waters of Redemption
The Red Heifer is a divine decree that cannot be comprehended.
Holy Cow!
Holy Cow!
The tenth and last heifer will be found just before the arrival of Mashiach.
Don't Be Cruel
Moses' ability to forgive was predicated upon his love for the entire nation.
The Prophetess of Redemption
The Israelites were redeemed from Egypt in the merit of the righteous women of the generation.
Pure Red, Pure Mind
We have a ritually pure red cow. According to the Temple Institute of Jerusalem it is healthy and completely kosher.
Even great blessings can emerge from impure places.
Jewish Leadership
Moses and Balak typify Jewish and non-Jewish leadership, respectively.
Cruising the King's Highway
Redemption, both national and personal, is characterized by innovation.
The Secret to Immortality
As long as there is a "self" -- a sense of your own being -- then you are measurable and countable.
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