"And there went a man of the house of Levi" (Ex. 2:1) This is Gabriel, as written: "And the man Gabriel whom I saw in a vision" (Daniel 9:21). The house of Levi is the Congregation of Israel, that comes from the left side [for malchut is from the left side, related to gevura and built from the gevurot]. "And took to wife a daughter of Levi" (Ex. 2:1); that is the soul [for Gabriel takes the soul, which is considered the daughter of malchut].

At the moment that the body of a righteous one is born in this world, G‑d summons Gabriel.

For we have learned that at the moment that the body of a righteous one is born in this world, G‑d summons Gabriel. Gabriel then takes that soul that is in the Garden of Eden and lowers it into the body of the righteous man who is born in this world, and he is appointed over it and guards it.

You may ask why the angel who is appointed over the spirits of the righteous is named 'Night', and yet you say that he is Gabriel? Most certainly because he comes from the left side and everything that comes from the left side is called "Night."

"And there went a man." This is Amram. "And took to wife a daughter of Levi." This is Jochebed. A heavenly voice came down and said to Amram that he should marry her because the time for the redemption of Israel is near, and it will come through the son that shall be born from them.

And G‑d assisted him, for we learned the Shechinah dwelt on their bed [it became a vehicle for the Shechinah] and that their intention when they cleaved together was on the Shechinah [to unite Her with Her Husband, G‑d] Therefore, the Shechinah was not removed from the son [Moses] whom they bore, so as to fulfill what is written: "And you shall sanctify yourselves and you shall be holy" (Lev. 11:44). As a person sanctifies himself from below, so G‑d sanctifies him from above. As their intention was to cleave to the Shechinah, so did the Shechinah cleave to the baby that resulted from their actions.

...their intention when they cleaved together was on the Shechinah...

Rabbi Yitzhak said: Fortunate are the righteous, whose desire is to cleave to G‑d always [including during the time of marital relations]. As they cleave to Him constantly, thus does He cleave to them and never leaves them. Woe to the wicked, that their desire and cleaving are far removed from Him. For not only are they distanced from Him, but they also cleave to the Other Side. Come and see: Moses came from Amram who cleaved to G‑d, and G‑d never turned from him, and the Shechinah cleaved to him always; thus, blessed is his lot.

BeRahamim LeHayyim:
Those who are the most connected, stay connected at all times. Waking up. Eating. Walking on the way. Learning. Interacting. Working. Sleeping. And yes, using the washroom [but not meditating inside!]

We are promised that if we keep G‑d before us always, He will in fact do our will. If we see our lives as a microcosm of G‑d 's interactions, we can channel amazing blessings onto ourselves and others. It is a lot easier said than done. For we can quickly be trapped in the material world, with concerns slightly higher than animals, with despair and loss of faith when we are at our worst.

Moses was a superior soul who came into this world perhaps largely because of the holy behavior of his parents. During their marital relations, the Zohar above describes, they saw their coupling as symbolic of Divine union between Transcendence and Imminence, between Supernatural and Natural, between Expansion and Limit...Leshem Yichud Kudisha Brich Hu uShechinatey—"for the sake of the Unification of the Holy One and His Manifestation.

Bracketed annotations from Metok Midevash and Sulam commentaries
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