101 Mediations

Selected from Wisdom to Heal the Earth

About the book

In Wisdom to Heal the Earth, Tzvi Freeman provided a glimpse of the Rebbe’s vision of humanity’s great journey, and demonstrated how the choices we make in our everyday lives are vital, crucial, and especially urgent today, in reaching our ultimate destiny.

In Jewish parlance, we call this Tikun Olam—the notion that we all enter this world with a mission to accomplish: to repair and perfect our assigned share of the world so that it can become the world its Creator meant it to be.

This volume presents a sampling of the succinct meditations and deep, colorful essays that comprise Wisdom to Heal the Earth, in a smaller, convenient format.

5" x 7¾" | Paperback | 152 Pages

About the Author

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

For more than two decades, Rabbi Tzvi Freeman has communicated the wisdom of the Rebbe to the world in a unique and captivating literary style, providing daily inspiration to hundreds of thousands through best-selling books like Bringing Heaven Down to Earth; and in essays, articles and video presentations on Chabad.org, including the widely acclaimed Daily Doses of Wisdom.

His other books include:

Bringing Heaven Down To Earth, Book I; Bringing Heaven Down To Earth, Book II; Heaven Exposed; Trembling With Joy

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