Shabbat deLights

Delight each week in concise and impactful essays that provide practical tools for dealing with life’s most pressing challenges.

About the book

Shabbat deLights is a collection of insights on the weekly Torah portion by acclaimed author and editor, Chana Weisberg. Each week the reader will delight in concise and impactful essays rooted in the Biblical text, yet providing practical, empowering tools for dealing with contemporary life's many challenges from a feminine perspective.

While the sources are well grounded in the wellsprings of Chassidic thought, the presentation is original, refreshing and inspiring.

Week after week, readers will be provided with stimulating insights into parenting, relationships, and the wondrous power of the Jewish soul, and will be furnished with renewed inspiration to reach ever higher in every aspect of their lives.

These essays have appeared on's parsha pages and form the basis of Chana Weisberg’s popular short-and-sweet parsha videos.

Enthusiastic readers and viewers have encouraged the author to collect and enhance these insights in book form so that they may continue to have an enriched perception of themselves, their potential, and their goals through the weekly Torah portion.

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About the Author

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

Chana Weisbergis a highly sought after speaker and a best-selling author and the editor of She brings personal warmth, humor, inspiration and down-to-earth relevance into her talks. Chana Weisberg is the author of Tending the Garden: The Unique Gifts of the Jewish Woman a comprehensive book on womanhood from a mystical perspective, as well as Divine Whispers—Stories that Speak to the Heart and Soul.

Her other books include:

The Feminine Soul; Crown of Creation and more...

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