Do you hear that? That quiet whisper that's surrounding you? That beautiful sonnet that's being recited to you?

That's Him.

He's talking to you. From the letters on this computer screen, to the music playing in the background, to the children screaming in your ears.

You and He are in a constant conversation, a love story with two characters playing out through all the years of your life. The beauty of this story is that every detail, every moment, is perfectly planned and perfectly adjusted to every single thing you ever do. The beautiful thing about this conversation is that no matter what you say, no matter how badly you stumble on your words, He will always be saying the exact words you need (and want) to hear.

Remember that time you picked a random book off the shelf and it changed your life? Or the time you thought you had messed up everything in your life and things just seemed to work out? Or when everything really did go wrong, but then you realized how it made you better person?

That's Him! That's His voice, calling out to you, telling you, "I love you. I care for you. I want to make you better. I want to watch you grow into the beautiful person I know you are."

It is when you recognize His voice in your ear, when you see the perfect details of the story come to life, it is when you engage Him in the conversation that your purpose suddenly blooms.

The problem is, sometimes even when you hear Him talking to you, you think He is yelling at you, pushing you to the ground, telling you that you are worthless. And so you turn His sonnet into a cheap poem, you transform His story into reality television— where words are cheap and time is wasted.

But still, even then, He will adjust to your misinterpretation. He will keep whispering those sweet words in your ear. Until you hear. Until you listen. Until it rings through the core of your being— and you respond. Join Him in creating the perfect story. Become a true conversationalist.

Until you realize both you and He have been saying the same thing all along.