Clocks. We all use them. We all need them. They are a part of our daily life. Anyone above first grade knows how to read one.

But how many of us know how they work? And if we actually figured that out, how many of us could build a clock on our own?

Our world is one big clock. It is something that, for our purposes, is useful. It does what we need it to do, on a physical level. We can all understand it, when we examine the surface. But most of us, when confronted with the task of looking deeper, end up coming up short.

This is not really our fault. If we spent all our life trying to figure out how everything in the world worked, we would never have time to live.

But the world is different from a clock. The world requires us to look deeper. We must figure out how it ticks. All of us.

Why is this? Why can't we just let the world be, and let it tick away as we go about our lives?

Imagine there is only one clock in the world. To find the time, we all need to travel miles and miles to check what time of the day it is. No one in the world knows how to build a clock. No one can create a clock for themselves or for others.

This clock would seem pretty pointless, no?

And indeed it would be. It would be useless. The clock would rule our lives, and we would have no ability to order our lives without living very close to it. Only a privileged few would have access to it.

The world is not designed in such a way. It is designed to allow us to dissect it, to examine it from the outside in and from the inside out. This way, we can build our own worlds. We can create, just as the Clockmaker did, a world around us that has the power of the Ultimate Clock. The World of Truth.

Unfortunately, however, most people in this world think that the Ultimate Clock is only the hands. The clock face. The numbers. They mistake the external for the internal.

What they don't realize is that the gears that make the clock work are just as real as the hands and the numbers. What they don't realize is that calculating when the clock will strike twelve is not the same as having the ability to build a clock of their own.

We live in a world where our professors tell us that knowing how the brain works means that we understand what it means to be human. Where the media tells us that if we know how many people died in a war that we will know which side is evil. Where morality is not examined deeply, but handed down to us by whatever culture we happen to find ourselves in.

Our Clockmaker never intended us to look at the world in such a way. When we do this, we are simply looking at the face of the clock and not dissecting it.

To reveal the beauty of the Ultimate Clock, we must dig deep. We must see beyond the brain, beyond the media, and even beyond morals. We must reach out and touch the infinite. We must become our own clockmakers.