Columns of shefa, light, cascade downwards from the highest realms. Enter the folds of Indanthrene blue; the white striations embody vibrations of Atzilut, highest of the four spiritual worlds. Allow yourself to bathe in the waterfall of spiritual energy. Relax your eyes and breathe as you move deeper into columns of light and darkness. Feel your ego disintegrate. Breathe and enter the flow. The liquid light completely engulfs you. Tributaries branch off for you to explore. Secrets hidden deep within the columns are waiting to be unveiled. Nourish the eternal mystery of creation. Doubt washes away. Fear washes away. Breathe. Enliven yourself with creativity and mystical fortitude. Absorb the streams of holy energy cascading around you. Your spirit becomes one with the liquid light, with the perpetual waterfall of blessings.

May we all step into the spiritual flow and access the highest light. May we see beyond the limited framework of this realm and access the blessings which continually stream down upon us, concealed and interwoven within our reality. May we delve into the mystery of the flow and emerge with higher consciousness.