See and hear the Ten Plagues and afflictions brought upon the Egyptians during the exodus from Egypt

The Animated Ten Plagues

The Animated Ten Plagues


Ten Plagues

See and hear the Ten Plagues and afflictions brought upon the Egyptians during the exodus from Egypt
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Anonymous January 11, 2016

which ones? Reply

mendel Rochester April 1, 2015

cool Reply

Gabriel January 18, 2015

I like it The Plagues must be done against all of my ennemies ! ! ! Reply

Chanie Hodokav Brooklyn NY March 3, 2013

School This video was amazing! More than what I learned in school with my Rabbi!
It tells much more than books or games tell you and all about how Moshe Rabanu and Aaron did the ten macos to the Egyptians. This video was amazing except for the fact that it needs more words. I loved this clip! Reply

Anon Sheffield, England October 13, 2012

Brilliant! This website was extremely helpful for my Moses VS Abraham homework for RE. Despite this, there are some problems, as they don't exactly match up to the Bible, but if they match up to the plagues in the Torah, it works for me!! Really wish that I could make it bigger on screen though, as I could hardly see what it said at first. It was great fun trying to guess what it was going to be. JOLLY WELL DONE!! Reply

Kirstin Missoula June 10, 2012

I read the comments. No need to explain plague 4. I read the comments. THanks. Reply

Kirstin Missoula June 10, 2012

Wild Animals? I like these animations, very nice to add the visual to our reading of the story in Exodus. I've seen a couple of times on different websites "wild animals" and I can't figure out where that comes from. I've looked the passage up in a couple different versions of the bible and it always says flies is the 4th plague. Reply

Anonymous london May 21, 2012

very helpful very helpfull but more words would be better Reply

SIMON COWELL London, UK April 30, 2012

need more words !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Jonathan Harrison leeds, england April 12, 2012

plagues 3+4 cant help but notice my bible says Gnats and flies rather than lice and wild animals Reply

judy CA March 17, 2012

size wish I could make it bigger on screen. Reply

Anonymous cheadle, england March 17, 2012

hoework thank you so so much i realy liked this website 5 star quality Reply

Garvin Mooresville, NC January 2, 2012

Social Studies Wow, this was recommended by my teacher, and I got to understand this more than a video. Thanks! Reply

yasmin washington, england November 17, 2011

good animations liked every single one of them
so needed that for my homework about the 10 plagues Reply

Azhar Arshad Leeds, England November 10, 2011

Needed this for my homework Thank u sooooooooo much man I really appreciate it !!!!!! Reply

Anonymous england, uk October 5, 2011

homework thanks so much i neeed it so badly Reply

vivian June 24, 2011

Plague 4 is wrong it is flies in Exodus 8:20 Reply

peyton cook Shellman, Ga USA March 24, 2011

plagues Some literature states third and fourth as lice/gnats and flies/wild beasts. Where did difference originate? Reply

EmilyBabbe March 19, 2011

10 plauges I loved this! Thank you, I also needed this for homework because I couldn't get the plages from the film The Prince of Egypt where all my other info is from!! It helped me loads. Thanks again! Reply

azninvazion sydney, NSW March 3, 2011

LOLOLOLOLWUT Lolololololol.. was so funny hardy ha ha. Reply