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Matters continue to get worse as Jono finds himself enslaved on a peach plantation and Rabbi kadoozy becomes depressed over his ruined seder. Hilarity ensues.

Itche Kadoozy Passover Mini-Series

Itche Kadoozy Passover Mini-Series

Part 2


Passover Mini-Series - Part 2: Part 2

Matters continue to get worse as Jono finds himself enslaved on a peach plantation and Rabbi kadoozy becomes depressed over his ruined seder. Hilarity ensues.
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Anonymous Somewhere March 11, 2013

Where WHERE IS PART 20? Reply

katrin March 8, 2013

Does this also air on national TV? Reply

miriam nj, livingston February 27, 2012

its great my children love it Reply

elli dallas, TX July 15, 2011

yes there is a part 1 2 and 3... but is there a part 4??? Reply

mendel brooklyn, NY April 4, 2011

its here finaly Reply

Anonymous March 29, 2011

3 there is finally an episode 3 Reply

itche kaddozy show lover March 29, 2011

yes there is episode 3 just look for it a very happy ending Reply

Anonymous evergreen, co March 27, 2011

part 3 I would love there to be part 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Dave Leo Milwaukee, WI March 24, 2011

Part 3! 30 Days before Yom Tov the Sages would start reviewing the halachas for the upcoming Chag. Now that Purim is done, can we prepare for Pesach with Part 3? Reply

Anonymous March 20, 2011

there is a new purim video WITH A NEW JONO PUPPET passover mini sereis number 3 is coming very soon CANT WAIT Reply

tzemach la, ca March 7, 2011

is there episode 3 is there episode 3?????????? Reply

judy brooklyn, ny March 6, 2011

? Me and my Siblings love Itche Kadoozy.
we loved the passover mini series.
since we just started watching it this year
i thought you would put 3 soon WE NEED ITCHE KADOOZY SHOWS THAT ARE NEW!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Anonymous ORANGE, CA February 9, 2011

LOL Jono always makes me laugh. Reply

Baruch Wilks cleveland hts, ohio January 30, 2011

WHERE'S THRREEEE Episode 2 is very interesting but when are you making three? Reply

A mom who loves Itche Kadoozy Manhatten, NY December 27, 2010

to whom it may concern: My children (ages 5 and 7) love the Itche Kadoozy shows. Ever since 3 years ago, we would anxiously await for and watch the shows. Last year, when the Pesach series started, we were thrilled! After you stopped with the 1st two episodes, my kids wanted to know why you were not continuing. I explained that you probably were busy with the holidays. But now, it is Tevet and we are still looking to see if episode 3 will come out. They are starting to give up hope. Reply

jono fan monsey, N.Y. USA December 22, 2010

? everyone wants episode 3!!! Reply

Anonymous mission viejo, california December 4, 2010

Where? we really want to see episode 3!!!! Reply

rivky cohen toronto, canada December 3, 2010

? where is part 3, my kids really want it, did you stop making shows? Reply

Mollykolly chicago, il December 3, 2010

More More More!! We Want More Rabbi Itche and the Gang!!!My kids and I love the shows, and I have friends that have just gotten hooked as well. These are so well done and funny as well as educational. Doovid Taub and Jonathan Goorvich are geniuses! Reply

itcha kadooze fan miami, fl December 2, 2010

when im a huge fan i cant wait till number 3 Reply