Experience the miraculous exodus of the Jewish people out of the mighty Egyptian empire—in a unique, fun-filled (and educational) style!

Out of Egypt

Out of Egypt

The animated story of Passover

Topics: Exodus, Passover
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March 15, 2017
great video! my mother is teaching out Hebrew school about peasach and its story behind it they love it and it has a great expalnashen and my mother is very happy about it! thanks a bunch PS: my whole Hebrew school is asking if we could watch the full video so I said I cant ask if they could put it on so please put it on my whole Hebrew school wants please it would make me so happy
venice fl
March 15, 2017
love it
skylight loves yah
January 19, 2017
the best
shira achsah
December 16, 2016
it's pretty awesome but a little childish don't you think i mean like seriously
Awsome betty
September 5, 2016
so cute!
Chana Goldstein
Monsey, NY
June 4, 2016
What a great video who did they make it😊😊
May 15, 2016
Love it
KK (Keira)
April 17, 2016
Wonderful use of Jewish history. Good music. Modern touches made me lol. Thank you. I will watch this again with my grandson.
Adonai's Anointed
April 9, 2016
i wish out of egypt was the full movie on chabad.org. is it possible to put the whole movie on for this passover? i would love it... i love shazak if chabad.org could put all of shazaks full movies on chabad...please!
March 28, 2016
great video
love this video very nice when my family is bored they ask to watch one of the shazak videos and it is always the passach one. thank you so much it makes you think about the how it was like in the real story of passach :)
Rivkah Cotlar
Cary nc

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