What do we do on Passover night? We have a Seder of course! OK, but what does that mean?

Passover Guide for Kids

Passover Guide for Kids

Start off with a house. Minus the Chametz. Add Matzah, wine, family members and what do you get? A Passover Seder of course!

This year, the Passover Seders fall out on Monday and Tuesday nights, the 10th and 11th of April, 2017.

Kids: YOU play the most important role!

That’s right. Every year when we retell the story of our Freedom from Egypt, we begin with the children’s questions and the story is told as an answer!

We sit down to a festive meal and do lots of different things that aren’t generally done – all to make you kids excited and curious about this wonderful Holiday!

So be prepared! Read the complete story of Passover, follow the How-To guide, surprise your family with tons of cool facts, and ask lots and lots of questions!