Rabbi Nachman Sudak, the chief Chabad-Lubavitch emissary to Great Britain, was named the second-most influential rabbi in the United Kingdom by London's Jewish Telegraph newspaper.

The "Top Ten" list by the paper's Yaakov Wise was the Telegraph's answer to the Top-50 list compiled by Newsweek magazine last month.

It "takes into account the effect the individual rabbi has on the spiritual life of our relatively small but complex Jewish communities," read the introduction. Since the 1960s, Sudak has presided over a network of emissaries that today trains much of the UK's rabbinate, noted Wise, who added that "its Jewish youth activities are the largest in the country."

In addition to Sudak, one other Lubavitch rabbi made the listing: Rabbi Yitzchok Shochet of the United Synagogue of Mill Hill, London, was ranked No. 10.

A member of Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks' cabinet, Schochet is a frequent presenter on national TV and radio programs, as well as a prolific columnist. ...