A suspect in the burglary of the Chabad House at Yale University is due for a court appearance next week and the center's co-director is hoping the man gets professional help.

"I think that the person that committed this act is very, very needy," Rabbi Shua Rosenstein told New Haven, Conn.'s Channel 8 WTNH.

"I don't think that he woke up one morning and said, 'How can I do something bad?'.

I think that he woke up and said, 'I'm hungry. Where can I find something that will allow me to eat?' " Rosenstein discovered the break-in when he arrived to prepare a weekly Sunday lunch March 30; he found that the center had been ransacked and that thousands of dollars worth of electronic equipment were missing.

Although he thinks jail time is in order for whomever is found responsible, the rabbi wants the community to offer a helping hand to those who are poor.

"It's our responsibility," he said, "to reach out and help these people in any way possible." .