The Rocky Mountain Collegian student newspaper at Colorado State University in Fort Collins heaped kudos on the Chabad Jewish Student Center serving the school for succeeding in its months-long effort to kosher a kitchen in the main dining hall.

After arduous negotiations with the dining services department of the Lory Student Center, Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelik, co-director of Chabad-Lubavitch of Northern Colorado and administrator of the Jewish student center, took several days last week to convert the kitchen to kosher-only use. The action made possible the March 7 Shabbat 100 put on by group, its largest-ever Shabbat student gathering with an attendance of 110.

Former NFL offensive lineman Alan Veingrad headlined the dinner.

"After a long and arduous battle, we persevered," said Gorelik. "It was an amazing event. All enjoyed the delicious five course meal prepared by the volunteers of the Chabad Jewish Student group."

Gorelik said that while the kitchen has since reverted to non-kosher use, he's hoping to make special arrangements for the holiday of Passover next month.

"Keep it up, Chabad, and some day, you're gonna have a synagogue on campus," cheered the editors of the Collegian, which reported that the kitchen switch was a first for the university. "We … also with to extend our appreciation to LSC Dining Services for supporting diversity at CSU.

"We challenge you to go through the process again once Passover rolls around," continued the editors. "It's an arduous process, but it's worth it to promote a diverse student population. Gorelik says you can, and we agree."