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May 2021

New Version of Popular App Brings the Power of Daily Torah to Your Life
Education’s Daily Study app is revamped in time for 3 Tammuz, the anniversary of the Rebbe's passing
Jewish Teens in Skokie, Ill., Respond to Hate With Celebration
North America
Windows smashed in nearby synagogue followed by outpouring of Jewish pride
As Anti-Jewish Hate Rises, Soccer Player’s On-Field Shema Inspires
Israeli expat on New Zealand soccer team expresses gratitude with prayer
A Young Philosopher’s Search for Meaning in a Jerusalem Yeshivah
Michael Hurwitz earns a Ph.D. while learning Torah at Mayanot Institute for Jewish Studies
Israeli Kids Under Attack Get Toys and Gifts From U.S.
Synagogue in Teaneck, N.J., and Colel Chabad collaborate in ongoing effort
Chabad of Sderot Helps and Inspires a City Under Constant Rocket Attack
Serving residents and IDF troops near the Gaza border
Voices From Israel: Bruria Efune, a Mother of Four From Be’er Sheva
First Person
‘Your heart is racing, but you need to show your kids that you’re calm. . . ’
IDF Troops Mass at Border as Attacks From Gaza Bring Israeli Death Toll to Nine
Worldwide call to join together on Shavuot at synagogues in support of Israel
Israel Defense Forces Intensify Attacks on Gaza
Renewed calls for prayer and good deeds on behalf of IDF troops and the Holy Land
Worldwide Call to Join Together on Shavuot at Synagogues in Support of Israel
Holiday Watch
Programs at Chabad centers emphasize prayer, Torah study and mitzvahs
Jewish Kids Show How 25,000 Good Deeds Can Count
Thousands of children worldwide join CKids Mitzvah Meter competition
Mobs Riot, Missiles From Gaza Rain Down; a 5-Year-Old Boy Is Killed
IDF retaliates, announces planning for ground incursion; leaders plea for civil calm
Jewish Residents of Lod Endure a Pogrom of Mob Violence and Terror
Synagogues, homes, businesses and vehicles ransacked and burned
At Least Six Dead, Scores Injured in Israel as Over 1,000 Missiles Launched from Gaza
Jewish homes, synagogues, cars torched by rioting Arab mobs; IDF strikes back at Hamas
Tel Aviv, Central and Southern Israel Under Attack; At Least 3 Killed, Scores Injured
Israel hits back at terrorist infrastructure in Gaza
A Jewish Community Rises in Sun-Drenched Turks and Caicos
The Arts
Caribbean archipelago gets its first synagogue and permanent rabbi
Jewish People Worldwide to Gather on Shavuot to Hear the Ten Commandments
Holiday Watch
With safety top of mind, Chabad develops innovative Torah readings for all
Millions in Israel Take Cover as Missiles Land Near Jerusalem and the Nation’s Center
Hamas takes responsibility for attacks
Before the Six-Day War: A Lone Voice Reassures a Fearful Jewish People
In the face of dire predictions, the Rebbe’s message of hope spreads quickly
How the Kotel Became Synonymous With Tefillin During the Six-Day War
More than a half-century later, the impact of the Rebbe’s 1967 worldwide call continues to grow
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