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May 2020

 In Homes, in Some Synagogues and on the Streets, Shavuot Celebrated Worldwide
Holiday Watch
Rabbis counsel caution during pandemic, even when following local government guidelines
Rabbi Aharon Yaakov Schwei, 85, Beloved Rabbi of Crown Heights
Scholar, teacher and member of rabbinic court known for his kindness
Unable to Attend Synagogue, Thousands to Join Pre-Shavuot Yizkor Online
Holiday Watch
Program scheduled for Wednesday evening at 8:30 p.m. ET
A New Collection of the Rebbe’s Public Letters Published in Time for Shavuot
Book Bag
Universal and deeply personal, ‘michtavim klaliim’ set the tone for the upcoming holiday
Avraham Aharon Rubashkin, 92, Kind and Generous Kosher Meat Icon
A model of joyful Jewish life, faith and authentic brotherly love
Omer Counter App Smashes Record
Holiday Watch
More than 2 million days will be counted this year
Receiving the Torah This Shavuot in Living Rooms Around the World
Holiday Watch
Tips on how to read the Ten Commandments at home, inspiration for the holiday, family party packet
High-Stakes Rescue Saves Jewish Artist Stranded at Sea for Weeks
Last-ditch effort in Caribbean saves life of Israeli seafarer stranded by coronavirus
Amid Online Upsurge, Most Popular Jewish Video Site Expands Its Presence
A new app and fresh interface for Chabad.org Video’s 23,502 offerings (and counting)
Montreal Addicts and Alcoholics Get Online Help During Pandemic
North America
Chabad Lifeline pivots to serve and support people in recovery
Mrs. Thelma Levy, 95, Behind-the-Scenes Force in Kosher Supervision
Wife and mother of OK Kosher leaders worked with Soviet underground
Miriam Shmueli, Childbirth Coach, Remembered for Compassionate Care
A doula and teacher who valiantly fought an auto-immune disease
College Student Spends 11 Hours a Day Shopping for Groceries
North America
With classes and jobs on hold, Kaila Zimmerman-Moscovitch of Chicago still keeps busy from morning till night
Defying All Odds, Lag BaOmer Around the World Celebrated in Grand Style
Holiday Watch
Emphasizing Jewish unity while maintaining social distancing
40,000 Tune in Down Under for Virtual Lag BaOmer Celebration
Australia & New Zealand
Bringing inspiration and Jewish pride to some 40 percent of Aussie and Kiwi Jews
The Rebbe’s Lag BaOmer Message of Hope to Soviet Jewry
Holiday Watch
The 1980 Russian-language address that took the world by surprise and placed the Soviet regime on notice
New Zealand Couple and Community Bring in Lag BaOmer
Australia & New Zealand
How the far-flung Auckland community is keeping together and apart during the pandemic
As Officials Ease Coronavirus Restrictions, Synagogues Show Caution
Going beyond the letter of the law to protect life
3,800 Chabad Rabbis Gather on Zoom Amid Coronavirus
Online conference shares support and strategies for helping individuals and communities
A Second Chance for Inmates, Even During Quarantine
North America
Aleph Institute symposium draws lessons from ‘Pesach Sheni’
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