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December 2019

Fundraiser Launched for Victims of Monsey Attack
North America
Chabad centers raise funds after Saturday’s mass stabbing
Uruguay’s President-Elect Receives a Menorah
South America
Thirty years earlier, his father had received the Rebbe’s blessing
A Festival of Jewish Purchases on ‘Holiday of Books’
Book Bag
Record purchases in stores and online mark historic day in modern Chassidic history
In Iowa, Bernie Sanders Lights a Public Menorah
Holiday Watch
He was an early proponent of public lightings as mayor of Burlington, Vt.
The Monsey Stabbing a Short Drive From My Home
First Person
People are scared, and not just in this little sleepy town
After Stabbing Attack, Menorah Lightings Send Message of Light
Holiday Watch
Jewish resolve and pride around the world on the final night of Chanukah
Stabbing Attack at Chanukah Lighting in Monsey, N.Y.
North America
Five injured during a holiday celebration at Chassidic rabbi's home
Chanukah Celebrations Illuminate Jewish Life Worldwide
Holiday Watch
Eight days of lighting giant menorahs that brighten the darkness far and wide
This Holocaust Survivor Was Alone on Chanukah ...
Holiday Watch
… and then a Chabad rabbi walked into her nursing home
In Historic First, Moroccan Officials Headline Casablanca Chanukah Festivities
Furthering Muslim Morocco’s long-standing history of ‘peace and tolerance’ towards Jews
How the First Grand Public Menorah Was Born in San Francisco, 1975
Holiday Watch
A Chabad rabbi and rock-music promoter Bill Graham started a trend that would change the Jewish world
Florida Children Create ‘World’s Largest Dreidel’
Holiday Watch
Built with help from a local contractor, the top stands 25 feet tall and actually spins
Chanukah Flame in a Hungarian Village Rises From the Ashes of the Holocaust
Holiday Watch
Newly arrived rabbi and his wife reignite Jewish sparks in Szentendre
Jewish Pride Highlights Chanukah From 10 Downing Street to Laramie, Wyo.
Holiday Watch
Amid rising anti-Semitism, Chabad will reach 8 million Jews through the eight days
Young Jewish Professionals Worldwide Spread Chanukah Light
Holiday Watch
The goal of the ‘Ambassadors of Light’ effort is to distribute menorahs and make new connections
The First ‘Virtual Reality’ Chanukah Comes to Brooklyn
Holiday Watch
High-tech holiday experiences around the world engage and entertain
Chanukah in the Military: An Opportunity to Celebrate Jewish Pride
Holiday Watch
70 chaplains and the Aleph Institute make the holiday possible on hundreds of bases
Geulah Cohen, 93, Israeli Activist, Journalist and Political Leader
Her interviews with the Rebbe were deeply influential on Israeli society
Dancing With the Torah on a Street Once Named for Hitler
A new Torah scroll and Chabad center are joyously dedicated in Freiburg, Germany
In Jersey City, a Focus on Education as White House Envoy Visits Community in Pain
North America
Elan Carr brings condolences to victims of the Dec. 10 attack and local residents.
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