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September 2019

Historic Home to Khazars and Cantonists, Astrakhan Gets a Mikvah
Former Soviet Union
City’s first ritual bath in 90 years a certain sign of Jewish revival
Jewish College Students Bond at Hundreds of ‘Welcome Back’ Dinners and Barbecues
Campus Life
Connecting at Chabad on Campus
Flagstaff Chabad Opens $7 Million Jewish Community Center
North America
From a Torah scroll in an Arizona living room to a 12,500-square-foot full-service facility
California Enacts Landmark ‘Mezuzah Bill,’ Enhancing Religious Liberty
North America
New law gives boost to public Jewish observance in response to growing anti-Semitism
Rabbi With ALS Travels 3,000 Miles for Son’s Bar Mitzvah in New York
North America
Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz celebrates with family and friends; visits resting place of Rebbe in Queens
Rabbi Brings Supplies and Hope to Devastated Bahamas Island
Chabad of Bahamas is supervising shipments of aid from U.S. Jewish communities
Crowd Surpassing 2,200 Attends Dedication of LifeTown in New Jersey
North America
State-of-the-art center sets new standards in treatment and inclusion for people with special needs
Shofar and Tefillin Tailgate Brings Some Spirituality to NFL Opening Day
North America
As league begins its 100th season, Jewish Jets fans prepare for the world’s 5780th
 Chabad Couple Rallies Jewish Relief for the Bahamas
Emissaries are part of efforts on the ground in decimated islands
As Dorian Batters Carolina Coast, Rabbis Reach Out to Elderly and Homebound
North America
Fear of hurricane’s fury as it approaches coastal communities
First New Torah in Slovakia Since Holocaust
Bratislava city center procession and bar mitzvah mark a community’s coming of age
Chabad of the Bahamas Helps Coordinate Relief in the Wake of Hurricane Dorian
Some Jewish residents in Abaco Islands remain unaccounted for; supplies en route from Miami
What It’s Like to Be Jewish in Estonia
Eliyahu (Ilja) Šmorgun, Ph.D., is taking part in the nation’s Jewish renaissance
Chabad Opens in Rwanda, as Nation Haunted by Genocide Builds Future
Growing Jewish presence in humanitarian work and economic development
Prayers and Preparations Along Hurricane Dorian’s Expected Path
North America
Chabad emissaries reach out to communities as storm moves towards U.S. coast
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