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August 2019

Overrun for Decades by Squatters, Buenos Aires Synagogue Is Reclaimed
South America
1907 synagogue, one of Argentina’s first, open again after years of neglect
Q&A: For Children of All Ages in a Disrespecting World, How to Honor Your Parents
California rabbi talks about a new four-week course beginning on Aug. 20
Torah Scrolls Rescued in Fire at California Chabad Center
North America
Cause of blaze is under investigation
From Woodstock to Jerusalem
First Person
A short account of a long trip
19-Year-Old Yeshivah Student Found Murdered in West Bank
Manhunt underway for killer or killers of IDF recruit
Netherlands Rabbi Suits Up as National Team’s ‘Spiritual Coach’ at Maccabi Games
Dutch Jewish athletes sought moral support and help in celebrating Shabbat
A Dentist Author’s Revolutionary Study Aid for Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah
Book Bag
As 39th daily study cycle begins, work made more accessible by layman’s publication
At El Paso Hospital, Rabbi Visits the Injured and Bereaved
North America
Just being with the grieving brings some comfort
Tisha B’Av Programs and Prayers at Chabad Centers Worldwide
Holiday Watch
25-hour period of fasting and reflection begins on Saturday night, Aug. 10
Rabbi Sholom Mendel Simpson, 90, Member of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Secretariat
He was actively involved in the publication of “Igros Kodesh,” the Rebbe’s correspondences
What It’s Like to Be Jewish in Ghana
Oxford MBA talks about combining business and spiritual development in sub-Saharan Africa
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Chabad-Lubavitch Directory