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July 2019

Three Months After Shooting, Lori Kaye's Husband ‘Fighting to Prevent the Next Poway’
North America
Writing in “Newsweek,” Dr. Howard Kaye shares his grief and resolve
My Time Behind Bars: New Program Benefits Jewish Inmates and Their Visitors
North America
First national program for volunteers to visit individual Jewish inmates at federal prisons across country
What It’s Like to Rekindle Jewish Life in Barcelona After 500 Years of Darkness
Chabad Shlucha Nechama Libersohn talks about the return of Judaism to Spain
The Rebbe on the Lunar Landing and Human Prowess
News Insight & Commentary
It's never the answer you would expect
‘Positivity Bias’ Strikes a Deep Chord With International Audiences
Book Bag
First printing quickly sold out; requests coming in for translations Research Sheds Light on Secret Soviet-Era Portrait
Former Soviet Union
Marking 92nd anniversary of the release of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn from Soviet imprisonment
The Secret Picture of the Lubavitcher Rebbe That Fueled the Soviet Jewish Underground
Former Soviet Union
A search for the story behind the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe’s lone Soviet portrait yields not one, but two photos
Russia Chief Rabbi Visits Upstate New York Camp for Kids With Special Needs
North America
The Rebbe in focus as a visit to Camp HASC coincides with Gimmel Tammuz
This Retiree Has Refurbished 2,000 Bikes and Given Them All Away
North America
Former marketing exec has offered rebuilt bicycles to students for the past 20 years
A Sociologist’s Fresh Take on the Rebbe’s Vision
Book Bag
Book Review: Social Vision: The Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Transformative Paradigm for the World, by Philip Wexler with Eli Rubin and Michael Wexler
How One Teen Finds Inspiration at the Rebbe’s Resting Place
North America
Thousands of young people are among the 50,000 who visited the Ohel for Gimmel Tammuz
Chicago Women Complete Six-Year Study of Tanya
Students praise the practical wisdom and connection to G-d they experienced
Rabbi Tzemach Cunin, 43, Chabad-Lubavitch Emissary in Los Angeles
Beloved rabbi founded and led Chabad of Century City
Gatherings Worldwide Mark the 25th Anniversary of the Rebbe’s Passing
Prayers, lectures, tributes and the extra performance of good deeds in the Rebbe’s memory
Chabad of Irkutsk Mobilizing to Aid Siberia Flood Victims
Former Soviet Union
15 dead as assistance is sought for thousands in Siberia
Criminal Justice Summit at Columbia Inspired by the Rebbe’s Teachings
North America
Looking for alternatives to incarceration; finding the Divine spark in prisoners
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