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October 2018

After Pittsburgh: 11 Acts of Kindness and Love
North America
People everywhere have been moved to express solidarity and compassion in wake of Pittsburgh massacre
5,600 Rabbis and Guests Arrive in New York With Tragedy in Mind
North America
Pittsburgh massacre adds sobering note to joyous annual convention
‘Daughter’ to Pittsburgh Victims Shares Her Memories and Pain
First Person
‘They’d never miss a Shabbat,’ writes Rochel McDoodle, urging Shabbat candle-lighting and other mitzvahs in their memory
Q&A With Author Tzvi Freeman on His Latest Book: ‘Wisdom to Heal the Earth’
Book Bag
A new articulation of the Rebbe’s teachings on humanity’s collective mission
‘He Took a Bullet for the Jewish People'
North America
Rabbis express thanks to injured officer, first on the scene of Pittsburgh shooting
For 75-Year-Old Pittsburgh Yeshivah, Tragedy Crosses Generations
North America
One massacre victim was among the school’s first students back in 1943
In Response to Pittsburgh, Jews Seek Out Synagogues
North America
‘The victims will not be in shul … we will be there for them’
Dear G-d, An Open Letter From a Jew in Pittsburgh
News Insight & Commentary
‘It is time for a new day to dawn, a day that is entirely Shabbat’
Pittsburgh Mezuzah Campaign Honors the Memory of Massacre’s 11 Victims
North America
Chabad launches ‘1,100 mezuzot’ campaign
With Death Nearby, Our Shabbat Services Were on Lockdown in Squirrel Hill
First Person
I told him I was fine, but was I? Are any of us?
80 Years Since Kristallnacht, Young Rabbi a Leader in German Jewish Rebirth
North America
Rabbi to speak on Nov. 5 at Chabad in Hackensack, N.J.
At Least 11 Dead in Anti-Semitic Shooting at Pittsburgh Synagogue
North America
Gunman bursts into Sabbath-morning services and opens fire
#LetsChalkShabbat: Spiritual Messages in Concrete Jungles
North America
How a group of women are using urban sidewalk art to broadcast Shabbat awareness
Rabbi Levi Hezkia, 74, Touched the Lives of Thousands in Italy
A well-known and appreciated scribe, mentor and prolific ritual circumciser
Alaskans Get a Taste of Jewish Tradition and History at State Fair
North America
Premiere of Jewish Cultural Booth turns out to be a big hit
Chabad at Dartmouth Inaugurates $3.2 Million Jewish Student Center
Campus Life
Includes a synagogue, 3,000-book library and garden for outdoor events
Chabad on Mars? Pondering Jewish Life in Space
The Arts
An artistic exploration from Tech Tribe, the Chabad House for high-tech
Rich in Jewish History, Malta Gets Its First Luxury Mikvah
Community once used stone shelters just steps from the sea
First Stop Is Mexico for Traveling Torah Dedicated to Long Island Emissaries’ Son
North America
A young Chabad couple moving to San Miguel will take a venerable scroll with them
Holocaust Survivor Finds Lost Relatives: The Impact of a Weekly Story
North America
Circulated to tens of thousands, 300th issue of “Here’s My Story” is published
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