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March 2016

Today, a Moscow With More Synagogues Than Ever
Former Soviet Union
28 Chabad centers redefine Jewish communal life in Russia’s capital
First Prayer Room for Female Jewish Prisoners Opens in Russia
Former Soviet Union
A refuge of sorts, where women can meet, pray and light Shabbat candles
 ‘Circus on Ice’ the Cool Theme of Purim in Kharkov, Ukraine
Photo Gallery
Holiday festivities for Jews of all ages, grander than usual in the year of Hakhel
‘The Seder Explained’: Four-Part Online Course Offers the Basics and More
Holiday Watch
Whether you're a host or a guest, a guide to making the seder more meaningful
In Battered Brussels, Purim Subdued in Public, Joyous Within
Holiday Watch
‘We will not bow our spirits in the face of modern-day Hamans,’ says one rabbi
Florida Campus Couple Receives AIPAC ‘Ally of the Year’ Award
Campus Life
Rabbi Berl and Chanie Goldman at conference with a dozen University of Florida students
Day-School Kids Help Public-School Peers Have a Happy Purim
Holiday Watch
New York students send mishloach manot to children in the Released Time Program
Purim 5776 Arrives, Filled With Mitzvahs, Celebrations and Joy
Holiday Watch
Thousands of Chabad centers worldwide get set for the holiday
300-Year-Old Megillah Scroll to Highlight Maryland Purim
Holiday Watch
A rediscovered scroll that survived Spain tells the story of Jewish survival in Persia
Canada’s Premier Says ‘Shabbat Shalom!’ to Campus Gathering
Campus Life
Regional Shabbaton brings together 300 students from universities around the country
In Israel, Purim Visits to Terror Victims, Recent and Long-Term
Holiday Watch
CTVP and volunteers take time to lift the spirits of those still suffering
Experiencing the Joy of Purim When Drinking’s Off-Limits
Holiday Watch
Rabbis work with Jewish addicts and alcoholics year-round, and especially on holidays
Purim Costumes as a Teaching Moment: A Pennsylvania Family’s Tradition
Holiday Watch
Each year, seven themed outfits designed to speak to the soul
U.S. Senator From Montana Calls ‘Champion Child’ Zeesy Bruk ‘Courageous’
News Brief
Sen. Steve Daines applauds the leadership of a young Chabad emissary and her family
Rabbi Gordon Daily Study App Now Available on iOS
Internet & Technology
Nepal Rabbi Saves the Lives of Two Israeli Backpackers
Helicopter rescue flies women hikers to safety after prolonged exposure
Flint’s Jewish Community Offers a Helping Hand in Wake of Water Crisis
North America
Relief efforts continue as Michigan’s governor prepares to testify before Congress
The Sound of Megillah Readings to Fill Jerusalem as Part of ‘Azza Zaza’
Holiday Watch
Thousands to hear Megillat Esther in restaurants, bakeries, parks and in the streets
14-Year-Old Table-Tennis Star Receives Local Congressional Award
News Brief
Shabbat-observant teen is praised for dedication, sportsmanship and accomplishments
A Torch Has Been Lit in Paysandú
News Insight & Commentary
A terror victim's life inspires thousands in Uruguay
In the Media
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