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Improving on its record-breaking performance during last year’s Chanukah holiday, the Judaism website Chabad.org made this winter a season to remember.
Tunisian President Invites Country’s Jews Back
Middle East
Newly-elected Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki, a veteran human rights activist, is making it clear that the country’s Jews are safe and have nothing to fear.
Eiffel Tower’s Menorah Sets Stage for Celebrations Across Paris
Photo Gallery
Thousands of people attended the public Chanukah menorah lighting at the Eiffel Tower, a grand affair that kicked off a slew of celebrations at large squares throughout the French capital.
American College Students Light Up Israeli Army Base
Campus Life
In a rare occurrence among student tours of the Holy Land, a group of 23 American Jewish college students brought some Chanukah joy to a secretive Israeli army base near the Lebanese border.
News Brief
More than 100 people gathered at Kansas Gov. Sam and Mary Brownback’s official residence in Topeka for a pre-Chanukah celebration.
Tucson Mayor Enjoys a Chanukah Homecoming
North America
The majority of the crowd that gathered in downtown Tucson for the 28th annual Chanukah menorah lighting at El Presidio Park was not aware that it was a homecoming of sorts for the newly-elected Mayor Jonathan Rothschild.
Connecticut Governor Shares Holiday Dance With Rabbinical Delegation
Photo Gallery
A delegation of rabbis representing the 23 Chabad-Lubavitch centers throughout the state of Connecticut celebrated Chanukah at the capitol building in Hartford, sharing holiday thoughts and inspirations with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and presenting him with a menorah. (Photos: Ira Nozik)
New Zealand Calm Shaken by Another Series of Tremors
Australia & New Zealand
Just when rebuilding efforts were starting to show encouraging progress in Christchurch, New Zealand, city dwellers got a rude awakening Friday afternoon when the ground starting shaking yet again.
Shopping Malls Around the World Get Into Chanukah Spirit
Still looking for a Chanukah menorah lighting nearby? Thanks to the efforts of an Australian rabbi and one of the world’s largest collection of shopping malls, there might be one outside a department store near you.
White House Official Lights National Menorah
Photo Gallery
As he did last year, Jacob Lew, who as director of the Office of Management and Budget is the highest-ranking Jewish official in the Obama administration, ushered in the eight-day holiday of Chanukah Tuesday night by lighting the National Menorah. (Photos: Baruch Ezagui)
News Brief
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel hosted Rabbi Meir Chai and Rivka Benhiyoun and two of their children for a pre-Chanukah meeting in the Jewish politician’s official chambers.
City of Berlin, Once the Seat of Anti-Semitism, Embraces Chanukah Menorah
Thousands of people throughout Germany welcomed the first night of Chanukah Tuesday, with an estimated 900 celebrants turning out for the evening’s biggest menorah lighting at the Brandenburg Gate.
News Brief
With Cornell University and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology jointly developing a two-million-square-foot applied science and engineering campus on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, Rabbi Zalman Duchman says the local Jewish community is gearing up for an influx of professors, faculty members and students on the urban island between Manhattan and Queens.
At 90 Years Old, Michigan Man to Celebrate a Chanukah Bar Mitzvah
Flint, Mich.’s Lee Cronenwalt has lived through the Great Depression, fought in World War II, seen a man walk on the moon, and witnessed the inventions of laptop computers, cell phones, and hybrid-electric cars. This Sunday, he’ll experience another historic moment: his own Bar Mitzvah.
News Brief
California Gov. Jerry Brown used the occasion of the annual pre-Chanukah ceremonial menorah lighting sponsored by Chabad-Lubavitch of California to push for the development of renewable energy.
Chanukah Lights Shine at Site of Nazis’ Torch-Lit Parade
Jews throughout Germany are getting ready to light their menorahs for the upcoming Chanukah holiday, spreading light in a land that a mere two generations ago was the ultimate symbol of fear and darkness.
News Brief
Known simply as “the purple cook book” in Jewish households around the world, the groundbreaking “Spice and Spirit: The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook” is back in print.
Worldwide Parties Celebrate Eight Nights of Lights
Holiday Watch
Jordana Raban loves that there are giant holiday symbols standing tall in Basking Ridge, N.J. From the huge Chanukah menorah to what some say is the world’s biggest dreidel, it makes her proud to drive by and see it all.
New Russian Prison Includes Synagogue
Former Soviet Union
More than two centuries after the release of chassidic leader Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi from a S. Petersburg prison, corrections officers in the Russian metropolis joined Jewish community officials in dedicating a synagogue in the city’s newly opened Yablonevka Prison.
Anniversary of 18th Century Rabbi’s Liberation a Chance to Look Inward
Holiday Watch
Lou Furman started attending services at Chabad-Lubavitch of New Orleans because he was drawn by its intense focus on prayer and contemplation. Today, he reflects on how his weekly study of the Tanya, the 18th century foundational work of Chabad Chasidism that provides much of the intellectual underpinnings of that focus, has made a difference in his life.
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