Dear Brothers at Chabad,

I am a Jew residing in Mumbai who was a close friend of Rabbi Gavriel and his family. I have been shattered by the news that I won't be ever seeing my dear Rabbi and his wife again, but I know that they will surely live on in my heart and soul forever. Rabbi had helped to arrange for a Bris for my son (the first time ever in India when a Lubavitch Mohel made the ceremony in India) and he had helped me arrange a Pidyon for my brother's eldest son.... and so many endless helpful deeds...He was a real righteous individual and may G‑d bless his and his wife's soul and I am sure they have merited a place in heaven.

As for Chabad, I just want to convey my undying support for your mission. I have heard about a new courageous couple who are already on their way to rebuild Chabad in Mumbai and all I want to say is I would like to be of help in any way possible.

I really hope you will grant me an opportunity to do my bit in your mission.

My prayers go out to the entire Jewish world who morn the loss of our Rabbi Gavriel and Rivki along with other righteous souls who perished in this unfortunate incident.

May G‑d protect all you Holy brothers and sisters who work relentlessly to rebuild our Jewish roots and thus work towards the hastening of the coming of the Mashiach. I am proud that my dear Rabbi his wife and all other righteous souls have merited to die for the sanctification of G‑d's Name.

And if he is looking at me all I want to say is "I am and will always miss you." The candle you lit in my soul will always burn bright.

With my heart-felt prayers

Elias (Eliyahu) Samuel Ghosalkar, Mumbai