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Corona and Torah
Does it really matter when I light Shabbat candles? So what if I light them a bit later than sundown, like say when we sit down to dinner?
A Post-Corona Reflection
Since the coronavirus ended nearly two years ago, my fellow earthmates and I made a pact to hold on to the positive changes that resulted from those very difficult and painful times.
Baseball Without Fans? I Would Be Offended
If I were a Yankees fan, I would be terribly offended right now.
GPS as a Faith-Finder as Corona Clouds Our Way
We are not lost, just having a little trouble finding our way right now.
Why I Won’t Zoom My Shabbat Services
A rabbi finds a silver lining in praying alone, at home, apart from his beloved congregation.
This is why I want you to stay home
Will Coronavirus Change Us Forever?
A Timely Lesson from Counting the Omer
Will we revert back to a more nationalistic posture and orientation or will we come together to fix some of the global issues that cannot be solved individually?
Can the Modern Mind Find Peace Without Delusion?
On the elusiveness of gratitude and confidence in our times
Are You Panicking?
I am working hard not to. Reminding myself to have faith, to worry less and to push away negative thoughts.
Why 2020 Has Been My Best Year Yet
It’s easy to smile and be happy when life is smooth, and we need those smooth times too, but that’s not the fullness of life.
Sheltering in Place for 13 Years!
As we struggle with the challenges of staying home, let's take a cue from the master of kabbalah and Talmud, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.
Are We Emerging From Isolation Better Than We Came In?
A parable to contemplate as society opens up once again and “business as usual” becomes the new normal.
How to Heal Our World From COVID-19
From a Mother of a Child With Special Needs
These are delicate days, where the seeds we plant will bear new fruit. In a world where the fields will be sewn anew with fresh soil.
How to Be an Essential Worker
The range is huge. From doctors and nurses to liquor shops and computer stores.
10 Things I’m Learning About Life in the Midst of the Coronavirus
How we react to others in times of distress says so much about who we are.
How to Celebrate Lag BaOmer at Home
Here are the tools and tips you need to have a rip-roaring inspiration-heavy Lag BaOmer celebration like no other.
Chapter 12: Think Positive
Chapter 12 of Positivity Bias
On the First Yarzeit of Covid’s Arrival, a Personal Letter
I remember when you were far away. You had that exotic-sounding name. They called you “Corona.”
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