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First Person

First person accounts of courage and inspiration during the Second Lebanon War.

Summer in Israel
"Our trip must go on," our tour guide Na'ama reminded us. "Like all Israelis, we'll continue to lead normal lives, in abnormal circumstances"
The Face of a Hero
It is a name that until a few days ago held no meaning to me. He was a complete stranger, about whom I had never heard and whom I had never met...
A Soldier's Prayer
An Israeli soldier standing in front of the Kotel praying always meant something to me, but now, overwhelmingly, I look at one of them and all I see is his mother...
The Bris
Why can't they just allow us our little strip of land and leave us alone?
Thank You for Your Protection
I rolled down the window and asked him where he needed to go. He said his base is near Jericho, but if I can take him to Jerusalem that would be great help...
Our Soldiers
In Lebanon our soldiers, some of the best young men of our generation, are being hunted and slaughtered like animals. And here I am, inspecting lemons as though nothing is going on?
One People
Gaza evacuees hosting refugees from the north; a bag of Toronto pastries on the shoulder of Highway 81...
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