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Thoughts and reflections on the 2nd Lebanon War.

To Be a Body
Imagine a person trapped under a collapsed building. There is a small fissure in the rubble--just large enough to allow him to extend his hand to his rescuers. We are that hand
Fearing Our Own Strength
Israel will fight back until Hamas and Hezbollah accept a cease fire, at least for the time being. Yet that is exactly what we must fear...
History Repeated
This article was written in 1982. See if anything has changed!
A Debt and Two Prophecies
Was it my job to express an opinion that was so blatantly opposed to that of all those present?
Remember: The Answer to Terrorism
When we understand the root and essence of terrorism, we also understand how despite its awful power we can fight it, each and every one of us, until it is absolutely destroyed.
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