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Poems in Memory of the Mumbai Martyrs

The Slaughter of Innocents
Through the smallest slat, a thin flame / dances like a candle's ghost / I see her small hands circle the flame three times / I see her husband's shoulder near, and children gather...
I wish I could explain to you / Why a nation burns in senseless hate / Why our shaken prayers and acts of kindness / Couldn't break the clouds of certain fate...
Through the Fog
Perhaps if we reach into the fog, into the ashes / And drop a seed - a seed of the fallen / And fertilized by the pain and by the love / Perhaps a seedling of exuberant life and vitality will sprout and grow / Penetrating the haze
In Memory of the Holy Victims of the Mumbai Massacre
Recently the river of hatred changed course / And back to the East it is flowing / Out of India's billion inhabitants / Among the Westerners targeted to be murdered / The few Jews residing in Mumbai / Were especially singled out for the slaughter.
Special section to remember the cruel murders of Gavriel (Gabi) and Rivky Holtzberg, beloved directors of Chabad of Mumbai. The story of the Holtzbergs' legacy of light.
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