Leviticus 20:23 "You shall not walk in the practices of the nation"

On October 31st, Danny was looking out of his living room window.

Many of the children in the neighborhood were wearing costumes and knocking on doors for "trick-or-treat."

Danny was fascinated by the colorful costumes.

"Those kids sure look like they are having a lot of fun!", he said.

"I'm sure they are," agreed his father, looking up from a book he was reading.

"Still, you must remember that Halloween is part of their traditions and holidays. We are a special nation, and HaShem has blessed us with many Mitzvot and special opportunities for enjoyment and happiness."

"That's right. I almost forgot!", exclaimed Danny. "We have Purim!"

"Yes, Purim is a Jewish holiday full of joy and fun," his father answered.

"On Purim, we celebrate the great miracles that took place for our nation. Those miracles demonstrated HaShem's great love for us."

"We sure are different!" Danny declared. "Now I understand that it was silly to be jealous of those kids!

Danny understood that the traditions and holidays of the non-Jewish nations are not for the Jewish people.

In this Negative Mitzvah, the Torah cautions us not to adopt or imitate non-Jewish customs and traditions.

By fulfilling this Negative Mitzvah we are able to constantly stress the unique qualities of the Jewish people and the rich beauty of our traditions.