Deuteronomy 18:10 "There must not be found among you... a soothsayer"

We are forbidden to use Astrology or any other method of reading the stars to predict the future.

We should however, be careful not to confuse Astrology with Astronomy.

Astronomy, is the study of the many stars and heavenly bodies - the solar system, and the many galaxies. Not only is this study permitted, it can also help us sense the wonderful and extraordinary beauty of creation.

However, Astrology claims that the movement of the stars in the heavens affects our lives. Though this belief is common, the Torah tells us that our lives are in HaShem's hands. The movement and function of the many suns and planets are determined and designed by their creator, HaShem. They do not act on their own, nor do they have any power over us. Information gathered from their movement must not be used to try to determine the future.

Included in this Negative Mitzvah is an additional warning against practicing magic.

This forbids us to trick people into seeing things that are not actually true (using optical illusions and related tricks).