Deuteronomy 13:15 "Then you shall inquire, search, and ask diligently"

Once when Joey was visiting Nathan, his younger cousin, Nathan broke their family's stereo.

When Joey's uncle came home, he questioned Joey at length, probing into all the details of how it happened. As he was relating the incident, Joey suddenly blurted out:

"But Uncle Lou, why are you asking me so many questions? Nathan is the one that did it!"

Joey's uncle replied earnestly: "I am asking you questions, Joey, so that I can base my decision on what you saw. I want to find out if it was an accident or if Nathan was just careless. He might be afraid to tell exactly what happened. Your story will guide me, and I want to be sure I understand it correctly."

When a person is brought before a Court, he must be assured of a fair ruling. The judges base their decision on the testimony of the witnesses.

We are commanded to investigate and verify their testimony with extreme care in order to ensure a proper verdict.