Deuteronomy 22:81 "Then you shall place a guard-rail around your roof"

Shlomie was watching his neighbor put up a fence in his backyard. He was enclosing an old fashioned water pump that had an opened well next to it.

"Hey, Mr. Goldstein, why are you putting up that fence?" "Do you know how deep this well is?" Mr. Goldstein asked. "Someone might fall into it and get hurt." "But its your yard, Mr. Goldstein. Your family knows to be careful!" Shlomie said.

"You may be right, Shlomie. But still, the Torah commands us to prevent dangerous sites on our property. Even if my family is careful, I must think of others, as well."

This Positive Mitzvah obligates us to avoid hazardous situations by putting a fence on our roofs, enclosing open pits and similar dangers on our property.