Deuteronomy 26:13 "And you shall say before the L-rd your G‑d, I have removed the holy things...and also have given to the Levite..."

David's mother assigned him specific chores and responsibilities around the house.

To be sure that David did not neglect his chores, his mother decided that every Friday, David would have to report to his father when he had completed his jobs.

The system proved effective!

David could not imagine himself standing before his father mumbling some lame excuse why he had not completed his tasks.

A Jew is obligated to give various kinds of tithes from his produce.

He may be very busy, live far from Jerusalem, or possibly forget.

The Torah commands him to stand before HaShem in the Beit HaMikdash and declare that he has fulfilled his obligations and given all the tithes required of him.

This declaration is done on Passover of the fourth and seventh year of the Shemitah cycle.