Numbers 15:20 "You shall offer up a cake of the first of your dough as a gift"

Man's most staple food is bread.

HaShem granted us a Mitzvah which shows how our basic foods can be connected with holiness.

The Torah commands us to separate a portion of the dough which we use to bake bread and present it to the priest.

Does your mother bake her own Challah for Shabbat? If she does, she can fulfill this Mitzvah by separating a portion of the dough.

Since the Beit HaMikdash has not yet been rebuilt, and the priests are unfit to serve in it, this portion cannot be given.

However, it is still considered holy and must be treated accordingly.

There are laws concerning the types of dough used, the blessing to be recited, and what to do with the separated portion.

These laws should be studied and followed.

This Positive Mitzvah is a very special one for women and girls and brings great blessing into the Jewish home.