Storytelling with Rabbi Perl

The Story of
The liberation of the Alter Rebbe in Czarist Russia
Listen to the captivating story of the Alter Rebbs’s arrest and miraculous release from Russian prison. Join Rabbi Sholem Perl, master storyteller, as he brings the story of the 19th of Kislev to life.
The Story of “Chaf Daled Teves” Comes to Life
The battle against Napoleon and the passing of the Alter Rebbe
Listen to the captivating story of the Alter Rebbs’s self-sacrifice to help the Czar win the war against Nepolean and the forces of evil, his miraculous travels, and the final events surrounding his passing. Join Rabbi Sholem Perl, master storyteller, as he brings the story of the 24th of Teves to life.
The Story of
The arrest, imprisonment, and liberation of the Previous Rebbe in Communist Russia
The sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe was arrested by the brutal communists and imprisoned in the notorious Spalerno prison in Leningrad for his activities to keep Yiddishkeit alive in Soviet Russia. Join Rabbi Sholem Perl, master storyteller, and listen to the breathtaking story of how the Previous Rebbe heroically stood up to the ruthless regime until he was miraculously freed from their clutches on Tammmuz 12-13. (Please note: this dramatic storytelling contains graphic descriptions, listener discretion advised for age appropriateness.)
The Story of Rabbi Amnon of Mainz
The inspiring story behind the famous High Holiday prayer
Listen to the gripping story of Reb Amnon’s courageous commitment to his Jewish faith. Join Rabbi Sholem Perl, master storyteller, as he brings to life the story that made the Nesaneh Tokef prayer so popular throughout all Jewish communities.
Voices from Another World
The story of the rich miser
A riveting story about a rich man who wouldn’t give any tzedakah. Join Rabbi Sholem Perl, master storyteller, as he brings to life this story that shows us the importance of helping the poor and welcoming guests into our home.
The Water Carrier
Audio | 20:39
The Water Carrier
A story on the power of saying Tehillim
A wondrous story where King David calls the angel Michoel to summon the holy Baal-Shem-Tov to thank Reb Shmuel, for saving all the future holy “Tehillim Sayers”. Join Rabbi Sholem Perl, master storyteller, as he brings to life this story that shows the powerful impact of saying Tehillim and the importance of acting in a humble manner.
The Speechless Storyteller
A story about listening to a Tzadik
Listen to an adventure filled story as the Baal Shem Tov sends his Talmid (student) on a mysterious mission. Get ready to experience the suspenseful moments when the student became speechless, just when he was about to fulfill his mission. Join Rabbi Sholem Perl, master storyteller, as he portrays the importance to follow the directions of a Tzadik, without questioning his Holy advice, and remain steadfast to fulfilling the mission you were sent to fulfill.
Trapped in a Vegetable
“STOP! Don’t drink that vodka!” exclaimed the Baal Shem Tov. Listen while Rabbi Perl transports you in time, and see how the Baal Shem Tov helps release a trapped Neshama (soul), so it can reach its destination in Gan Eden (heaven), through saying a blessing on a drink. This story shows the importance of saying a Bracha (blessing) on food and drink. You may never know whose soul you are elevating
The Siddur Flies to Heaven
The decree of 1827 conscripted and forced very young Jewish boys from age 7 into the Czar's Army in Russia, for as long as 25 years. Fasten your seatbelts as Rabbi Sholem Perl, master storyteller, keeps you at the edge of your seat, as you experience the suspenseful moment the “Cantonist” child stood steadfast to his Yiddishkeit under tremendous pressure, and sends a siddur to heaven, as he defies the Czar's General’s orders. This story teaches us to stay proud, strong and committed to Yiddishkeit.
The Three Smiles
Audio | 6:07
The Three Smiles
Why did the Bal Shem Tov smile three times? Join us for an amazing adventure with master storyteller Rabbi Sholem Perl. This incredible story shows us to always try to perform a mitzvah with the utmost of joy and devotion to Hashem.
The Mystery of the Empty Shul
Can you guess why the empty Shul (synagogue) was packed and the packed Shul empty? Rabbi Sholem Perl, master storyteller, will keep you mesmerized as the mystery gets solved. We learn from the story to Daven (pray) to Hashem with the right Kavonah (concentration and intentions).
Tzitzis Saves a Life
Listen as master storyteller Rabbi Perl transports you back in time to when a young boy named Shmuel escapes from the death train on the way to the Auschwitz concentration camp. Experience how choosing to do a Mitzvah in a very challenging time, having Mesiras Nefesh (self-sacrifice), actually saved Shmuli’s life. This story shows us to cherish wearing Tzitzis even when it’s uncomfortable.
Never Be Afraid: Be a Schneersonki
Master storyteller Rabbi Perl will keep you fascinated while traveling to freezing Siberia to meet the chasid Reb Yechiel Rappoport imprisoned there, toiling for 16 years in backbreaking outdoor labor. Reb Yechiel remained strong and steadfast to his Yiddishkeit, his faith and his trust in Hashem, knowing that he is always in the hands of Hashem, who loves him dearly.
The Brave Mission of Reb Leib Soros
This suspenseful story is about a student of The Baal Shem Tov, who races against time on the holy day of Yom Kippur, while he embarked on a brave and dangerous mission to save a lost Jewish soul. This story teaches us to go out of our comfort zone and to do what it takes, to help another Jew, and as well as the awesome power of Teshuvah (repentance).