Art by Rivka Korf Studio
Art by Rivka Korf Studio

Guess What, Kids? Today’s Your Lucky Day!

To remember the high point of Jewish freedom, and the great victory symbolized by the Maccabee coin, many parents give their children Chanukah Gelt (money) on Chanukah. Sometimes it is given as a reward for Torah learning.

On the fifth night your luck is soaring high! It’s a special time for giving (extra) Chanukah gelt, since now the majority of candles on the Menorah are lit.

Chanukah Gelt comes in handy to give a little extra charity. Invest in a worthy cause. Chanukah is a special time to give lots of charity. This shows that we are truly grateful to Hashem for all that He has done for us. (On Friday we give charity before candle lighting.)

Coin Craze

Did you know? Each year the Bank of Israel mints special Chanukah coins featuring a Jewish community from around the world.