Chanukah Videos for Kids

What If We Were Chanukah Heroes?
Ezy, Eli, Dina and Rina explore their inner “super powers” to spread light in the world.
Make a Duct Tape Purse
A beautiful craft for your Chanukah gelt
Learn how to turn a roll of duct tape into a beautiful purse to hold your Chanukah gelt and other money.
Make Your Own Chanukah Apron
Jewish Crafts with Abbey
Join Abbey in decorating an apron or T-shirt using a technique from the pros!
How to Craft a Unique Menorah
Jewish Crafts with Abbey
Watch our Jewish crafting guru, Abbey, demonstrate how to create a menorah masterpiece using baby food jars.
My Very Own Chanukah Party
A Children's Chanukah Celebration
Watch children host a Chanukah celebration and a grand dreidel game especially for kids!
Tap into Chanukah!
"Rebbetzin Tap & Friends"
What does playing dreidel teach us about Chanukah? Learn about the Festival of Lights with Rebbetzin Tap.
The Miracle of Chanukah
Watch these kids re-enact the story of Chanukah in 5 minutes! (Performed by students at the Orlando Jewish Day School and the Chai Preschool)
Professor Pellah's Place
A Chanukah Adventure
With help from Professor Pellah, the members of "The Terrific Teenage Mitzvah Mission Force," get together to let the world know about the holiday of Chanukah. (Produced for Tzivos Hashem in 1994 by the creators of Shalom Sesame.)
The History of Chanukah
by Ezi
History and facts on Chanukah with Ezi.
Chanukah Mini-Series - Part I
Part I
Jono enters a donut eating contest, Gefilte Fish orders two thousand plastic dreidels from China and Rabbi Kadoozy gets a permit for a menorah lighting.
Chanukah Mini-Series - Part II
Part II
Rabbi Kadoozy works on finding a way out of prison, Jono trains for his donut eating contest, and Gefilte Fish tries to sell his exploding dreidels to the government.
Chanukah Mini-Series - Part III
Part III
The action packed conclusion of the Itche Kadoozy Show Chanukah Mini-Series! Hilarity Ensues.
Chanukah Play
Video | 3:59
Chanukah Play
Too cute for words. Watch a group of 5 year-olds re-enact this drama of struggle and redemption, the story of Chanukah.
Joey: Plane Sight
Video | 2:02
Joey: Plane Sight
Animated Comic Strip
Joey and his friends fly around the world, spotting Chanukah menorahs everywhere they go!
Jono's Dreidel Song
Jono sings a song about his favorite Chanukah tradition.
Miracle Lights
Video | 17:11
Miracle Lights
Join Benny and Zaidy for the thrilling adventure of the Chanukah story! Go back to a time of danger, drama and triumph! Laugh, thrill and cheer as the adventure of Chanukah unfolds in this animated production.
Eli's Kosher Kitchen
Chanukah Cooking: Donuts and Latkas
Join Eli as he prepares some Chanukah favorites with his Bubby
An Astronaut's Chanukah Adventure
Buckle up for a Chanukah celebration in... Space Shuttle Discovery! Astronaut Jeff Hoffman hosts the celebration courtesy of NASA.
Menorah Lighting Guide
Discover the importance of the menorah and how, when and where to light it.
Video | 9:01
A Chanukah Film
A morning sun rises in fiery splendor; a newborn baby enters the world. We witness miracles everyday and may sometimes take them for granted.
Oh Chanukah, Oh Chanukah!
Tzlil V’zemer Children’s Choir
The Tzlil V’zemer Children’s Choir presents a favorite Chanukah song, “Oh Chanukah.”
Lights . . . Latkes . . . Action!
A Chanukah Short
A rabbi, a college student, and a gefilte fish share their feelings about chanukah.
Latkes How-To
Video | 2:59
Latkes How-To
A group of children receive instructions on making potato-latkes. If you've always wanted to learn about this noble tradition but were ashamed to ask... here's your chance!
Visit A Chanukah Candle Factory
Thousands of Jewish homes around the globe kindle the Menorah with wax Chanukah candles. Visit a factory in Israel that's been making these candles for generations.
Making Olive Oil
Video | 2:53
Making Olive Oil
In the Temple, more than 2,000 years ago, the Menorah was lit with wicks in olive oil. Today too, many Jews light their Chanukah Menorahs using pure olive oil.
Menorahs Around the Globe
From Paris to Buenos Aires, Cairo to California, Madrid to Moscow, public Menorahs light up cities and towns around the globe. Visit 30 of these Menorahs.
Advertising the Miracle of Chanukah
Public Menorahs Across the Globe
For eight days the world glows a little bit brighter as giant outdoor Menorahs light up the night sky.
Captain Awesome
A Chanukah Adventure
Rabbi Kadoozy and friends are ready for the menorah lighting. But when Jono decides to become a super hero, they may be in for the funniest Chanukah ever...
How to Make Latkes
"Rebbetzin Tap & Friends"
Join Ruth in making potato latkes for Chanukah.
Video | 45:23
A Live Chanukah Adventure
Experience the story of Chanukah as it comes alive in this real life presentation. This production from the Jewish Children’s Museum was performed live on Chanukah in 2006.
Rebellion in the Holy Land!
Breaking News Report
Live coverage of the breaking news story of Chanukah as it unfolds minute by minute.
Eight Candles Burning
Just another country song about a regular Jewish guy who meets up with four rabbis in their menorah-mobile.
Model Olive Press
Video | 29:41
Model Olive Press
Hands-On Demonstration
Children participate in a hands-on demonstration of how to make olive oil to light the menorah on Chanukah.