For eight days, Jewish kids (and adults) celebrate the festival of Chanukah by lighting the menorah, playing dreidel, eating latkes, and having spectacular parties.

Do you want to host a Chanukah party? Not sure where to begin?

Of course, at your party, you will want to eat some of the traditional Chanukah treats, like potato latkes and jelly donuts.

Here is a list of activities that will make your party one to remember!

1. Play ‘spin the dreidel’

You will need a dreidel for each player. If there are not enough, the players can share.

There's a reason why dreidel is a Chanukah favorite! Don't let your party go by without this fun game. Click here for the traditional instructions, and feel free to add or tweak the method to suit your crowd.

2. Chanukah freeze dance

You will need Chanukah music and speakers.

Turn on some catchy Chanukah songs, and blast up those speakers. When the music starts, everyone begins to dance, spin or twirl. When the music stops (at random times), everyone must freeze. Whoever moves is eliminated (and can cheer the remaining players on from the sidelines).

Turn the music back on and repeat until only one person remains in the game, or until time runs out.

3. Shape some Chanukah cookies

You will need ready-made cookie dough.

Instead of regular cookies, make them Chanukah-themed. Once they are shaped, either bake them right there at the party or have everyone take them home to finish the baking there.

Everybody will be eager to taste those delicious menorah and dreidel goodies!

Click here for another fun way to make Chanukah cookies.

4. Guess the Chanukah gelt

You will need one jar and lots of coins, chocolate coins, or dreidels.

This game takes little time and has no limit on players.

Take a jar and fill it with either coins, chocolate coins, or dreidels. (You don't want anyone to know how many there are, so do this before the party starts.) As you put them in the jar, count them and remember how many you put inside (or write the number down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere only you know).

At the party, have the guests guess how many coins there are. Each player has a turn to write down their guess. Whoever is closest to the correct number is the lucky winner!

5. Make Chanukah cards

You will need cardstock, markers, and any of your favorite craft supplies.

As much fun as it is to receive a card, it's even more rewarding to make one for someone else. And how nice would it be if everyone could exchange cards at the party?

You can get as creative as you want. Start the card from scratch, drawing your own Chanukah pictures and writing messages inside. If there are younger kids at the party who prefer to color something pre-made, click here.

6. Build a LEGO menorah

You will need lots of LEGO. The more you have, the more you can build.

This activity is where teamwork and creativity come together. What's more fantastic than coming together as a group to build one giant LEGO menorah?

You can even add tea lights or candles to the menorah and light it (in a safe way, with an adult, of course).

Click here for the blessings and instructions on how to light a menorah.

7. Modern-day oil hunt

You will need a plastic toy jug.

On Chanukah, we celebrate the Maccabees miraculously finding one jug of pure oil that lasted for eight full days. Turn your Chanukah party into a modern-day Macabee hunt with this exciting game.

Start with two volunteers. One hides the jug while the other steps out of the room. Once the jug is hidden, the second volunteer comes back in and tries to find it.

Nobody is allowed to tell the seeker where the jug is, but when they get close, everybody calls out "hot!" and if they are far from it, everybody calls out "cold!"

8. Do some donut decorating

You will need ready-made donuts, icing, and sprinkles.

Edible crafts are a joy all their own. This activity will be one that sends each child home with a treat they decorated exactly to their own specifications. Click here for some excellent decorating tips and tricks (for the older kids).

9. Act out the Chanukah story

If you have costumes, that’s a bonus!

Kids love to perform skits, and Chanukah provides so much dramatic fodder!

Have everyone at the party act out a different part of the Chanukah story, or have the older kids prepare the show and then present it to the younger ones.

Read the Chanukah story in brief here.

10. Chanukah canvas art

You will need a canvas for each person, paint, paintbrushes, and masking tape.

Every child is an artist, and these canvases will prove it.

The first thing you need to do is give each kid a canvas and some masking tape. (Younger kids might need an extra hand with the tape.) Use the masking tape to form your favorite Chanukah shapes, such as a menorah or dreidel.

The good thing about this project is that if you make a little mistake, you can always peel off the tape and start again.

Once you’re satisfied with your shape, it's time to let your talents shine. Use any colors you like, and paint over the entire canvas, then leave it to dry..

When the paint has fully dried, peel off the tape, and there you go—a beautiful keepsake to hang up at home.

11. Make a dreidel out of clay

You will need air-dry kids' clay, preferably in multiple colors.

That's right, you can make a dreidel out of clay yourself! All you have to do is prepare the supplies before the party starts, but make sure to keep the clay covered until you’re ready to start decorating so it doesn’t harden prematurely. Put on the "I have a little dreidel" song, get to work sculpting, and sing along.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you can figure out how to shape your dreidel. Don't forget to put the letters on each side. Nun, Gimmel, Hey, and Shin. Once you've made your dreidel, leave it to dry… “and when it's dry and ready, oh dreidel, I will play!”

Try another method with this video.