There are 365 "Negative Mitzvot" in the Torah.

These Mitzvot are called "Negative Mitzvot" because they deal with "prohibitions" - those things which the Torah forbids.

Many Negative Mitzvot correspond to Positive Mitzvot.

For instance, the first Positive Mitzvah tells us that we must believe in HaShem.

Since it is possible to believe in HaShem and, also believe that there are other gods, the first Negative Mitzvah tells us that "We should not have any other gods."

Together, these two Mitzvot, one positive and one negative, form a complete unit.

Negative Mitzvot teach us that we must not act in a certain way, or do certain things, or even, at times, say something in the wrong way.

Each Mitzvah has two introductory lines.

The first line gives the number and a short description of the Mitzvah.

The second line quotes the verse from where the Mitzvah was taken.

Following these introductory lines an explanation to the Mitzvah is given.

Sometimes, different commandments have their source in the same verse and, therefore, it may seem that the verse is repeated.

Thus the first line which describes each Mitzvah should be read carefully.

In some places, where appropriate, a short introduction to the group of Mitzvot that follow is given. This introduction further clarifies the general prospective of the Torah in regard to a group of specific commandments.