Leviticus 19:18 Love Your Neighbor As Yourself"

Everyone likes having friends. Some friends are especially close to us because they make us feel good and we enjoy their company. Some people have business friends they like to deal with. Some people have friends they like to study with. Others have buddies they like to play with.

The Torah wants us to love a fellow Jew, not just because he makes us feel good and happy. There are many people who we don't even know well enough to even like. Still, the Torah tells us to love all our fellow Jews, no matter what they may have to offer us.

How much must we like our fellow Jew? The Torah says to look in the mirror. How much do you like yourself. Most of us like ourselves so much that we overlook our own faults and justify whatever we do. The Torah requires that we look at our fellow Jew in the same way. We are commanded to love him, as we love ourselves; want for him what we ourselves desire; and never do anything to him that we wouldn't want done to ourselves.