Bnei Yisroel’s travels you will hear about
All of Hashem’s help is remembered throughout
It started out in Ramses while the Mitzrim stood in awe
After forty years of wandering they reached the Yarden’s shore

They fought a war in Rephidim where Amalek met defeat
In Mara they cried for water and Kivros Ha’taava for meat
Yet through all that they endured in all the time elapsed
The people of the dor hamidbar were tzadikim in our past

At the outskirts of the Eretz
Hashem gave this command
Let each shevet choose his boundary
And not take his brother’s land

But shevet Yosef had a problem
Because Tzelofchad had no sons
If their girls went to another tribe
They’d lose the land they had won

So the leaders came to Moshe to ask Hashem for orders
What to do about the man who had only daughters
Hashem said to their heart’s desire they may be a bride
Bnos Tzelofchad solved the problem by marrying within their tribe