For some children and their families, purchasing a letter in the Sefer Torah has had a far-reaching effect. The Rebbe told the following story during a farbrengen on 17th Tammuz, 5741:

In Russia a small boy once asked his father, "What is a Sefer Torah?" The child's father, who had been born many years after the Russian Revolution, had no idea. However, his curiosity had been aroused by his son's question and he asked him where he had heard about it. The child replied that someone had asked him if he wanted to buy a letter in a Sefer Torah that was being written for children around the world.

"Ask some of the old people," suggested his father. "Maybe they know what it is."

The elderly Jews whom the child asked him all they could remember about Judaism. Later on, the family sneaked into a Shul to see a Sefer Torah for themselves. This was only the beginning of the family's return to their heritage.

Another story:

One day, a family was enjoying a picnic on the banks of Lake Kinneret when one of their children went astray. After searching the area thoroughly, the family found him in the lake. The child was rushed to the intensive care unit at the Poriyah Hospital in Tiberias. When the doctors there managed to resuscitate him, he was transferred to the hospital in Afula. After a few hours of intensive treatment, his family were informed that the damage caused to his central nervous system meant that, although he would live, he would be completely paralyzed.

The child's family was devastated. While they were still trying to absorb the shock, a young girl came to the hospital. When she heard about this terrible tragedy, she tried to comfort the family. She suggested that the child's parents buy him a letter in the Children's Sefer Torah. They immediately agreed to do so. The parents also wrote to the Rebbe asking for a blessing. In the answer that they received, the Rebbe asked if the child had purchased a letter in the Sefer Torah. The parents were very pleased to be able to give a positive answer.

Two days later, the child's condition dramatically improved. By the time the girl visited the hospital during the following week, he was already out of intensive care and well on the road to recovery.

The special merit and protection that comes from acquiring a letter in a Sefer Torah is also alluded to in the book of Daniel: "...and that time your people shall be delivered, every one who shall be found written in the book." (Daniel 12:1)